13TH INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE - From Personalised Learning to Mastery of Competencies: Impact of Technology and Simulation on Health Professionals
(13 - 15 April 2018)

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From Personalised Learning To Mastery of Competencies: Impact of Technology and Simulation On Health Professionals

Through innovation and the use of existing and emergent technologies, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has introduced novel tools to the training of health professionals in developing, mastering and maintaining the essential knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for safe and effective patient care.

Simulation has been evolving rapidly in the recent years, from manikin-based simulation to the newer technologies including augmented reality and more. Both TEL and simulation offer unlimited opportunities for educators to engage learners from diverse backgrounds and distributed learning sites, and enhances student learning experience in many ways including personalised learning. This conference will be a platform for the stakeholders of health professions education to exchange experience and innovative ideas in the use of technology and simulation in their teaching practice. The highlights include instructional design, outcomes assessment, inter-professional education, cross-border education and healthcare practice using technology. In relation to these, the regulatory perspectives, effectiveness, challenges and strategies to overcome them will be discussed.

Reviews on 12th IMEC - Health Professions Education Without Borders

"Knowing lot of details about Health Professions Education (HPE) and also new innovations in HPE. Came to know about the importance of sharing the ideas, curriculum and assessment patterns in different universities across the world"

"Excellent conference, good speakers generally and learned a lot"

"The organization and content of the conference were wonderful. I am very glad that I took part in your conference."

"I hope to improve the academic programs at my university with the new concepts of educational methods that I gained from conference."

"I can use the knowledge that I gained in my daily work as well as in different setting where I contribute professionally. For instance, I engaged in registration of HP and also I contribute to curricular development and assessment and evaluation as well as research in HPE"

"Experiences and practices from various parties presented at the conference can be a referral for our future plan or undertakings"

"I am going to use all the principles of HPE, innovations in curriculum delivery and assessment patterns in the teaching learning (T-L) process in my work place university"

"This was my first education focused conference and so I gained immensely from all the presentations"

"2017 IMEC served an optimal platform for me and other specialists and scholars in the field related to medicine and medical education to facilitate academic communications and exchange ideas"