Welcome to Inspire!

Inspire is established as a digital art gallery in 2017, to inspire, enliven and stir the imagination of students, visitors, employees and the community through visual art. It also provides a space for young artists to display their perspective of the world and for the viewers to interpret and appreciate the power of these artistic representations.

The Inspire digital gallery features the entire collection of artwork received from the IMU Art Competition, which was first held in 2012. Since its inception, the competition has attracted nearly 200 entries from some 22 institutions. The competition seeks to include the work of artists in higher education by enabling them to share their visual interpretations of health. These representations offer insights into health, its social and cultural context, community needs and the expectations of the young generation.  IMU is not alone in valuing the holistic contribution of the visual arts to health professions education as many other medical schools around the world have done so. This initiative illustrates the IMU vision in ensuring a sustainable appreciation for the arts and advocates the amalgamation of the arts and healthcare, thus embodying the core values of the institution.

Selected pieces featured here are displayed throughout IMU Bukit Jalil in public spaces and hallways.

Art Gallery - Insight


The stories of imperfection and what it means to be imperfect are reflected in this collection. Flaws should never be an impediment in life as they make us perfect in our own ways. This collection reveals that by breaking down preconceived notions of perfection, people are only then able to see beyond their imperfections and rejoice in the power of wholesome living.

IMU Festival of the Arts 2016


Determination is defined as the ability to continue trying to do something, although it is very difficult. Determination in health can be represented in many perspectives. This collection, on one end of the spectrum shows people battling physical inadequacies through sheer determination, and on the other, doctors determined to overcome oddities to ensure optimum care.

IMU Festival of the Arts 2015

Health: The Fraility of Life

Captured in this collection, is the perspectives of various people involved in the end of  life process – be it the doctor who may be at a loss on how to handle the situation, the patient, who is struggling with what lies ahead or the family, who may be overwhelmed with support or equally distraught. It portrays the reality of life – that indeed we are like candles.

IMU Festival of the Arts 2014


In this collection, the gift of health is made conscious through a person, an event, a meeting or a place, to create an image that captures what is felt, seen, heard, tasted and touched, to bring about robust health.

IMU Festival of the Arts 2013

Art of Healing

The power of healing visualized in this collection encapsulates healing as not only associated to medicine but to the spiritual and even epitomises nature and other forms of arts as forms of healing. The collection shows what people gravitate to when healing is required.

IMU Festival of the Arts 2012


Touch connects us in more ways than we can imagine. Touch may transcend the physical to reach out to the emotions and cognition. The collection here displays various interpretations on how touch is essential in daily living and how touch seeks to be purposeful.

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