4th Industrial Revolution: Creating A New World for Health Professions Education.
(12 - 14 April 2019)

  • AMEA Symposium 2019

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4th Industrial Revolution: Creating A New World for Health Professions Education

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is essentially different as it involves the fusion of physical, digital and biological worlds, challenging the concept of humanity with technology. The fusion of these worlds and their interconnection with humanity will definitely have an impact on healthcare and health professions education in the coming years.  Industry 4.0 will affect the development and deployment of healthcare talent worldwide across the life cycle of an individual. The 10th AMEA will bring together educational institutions, academics, healthcare professionals and policymakers for informed exchange of ideas, the setting of priorities and engagement for future coordinated action in relation to the Industry 4.0. Ideas and priorities that will be shared during the AMEA Symposium will include “the key features of a future-ready health professions curriculum” and “the key adaptation strategies for managing the transition to a new world of education and work”. The 10th AMEA will also offer an opportunity to start the conversation and contextualise issues for Asian Health Professionals and Educators with the symposia covering topics related to both undergraduate and postgraduate training in health professions as listed in the sub-themes.


  • Future-ready curricula
  • Professionalised teaching workforce
  • Early exposure to the workplace
  • Career guidance
  • Digital fluency
  • Openness to education innovation
  • Incentivise re-education