With the main campus located in a small suburb in Kuala Lumpur, the IMU campus provides a dynamic and interactive environment that fosters educational and research opportunities. The University has invested substantially to provide a wide range of facilities for its students so that they will get the most out of their study experience. This will make student life at IMU as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Some of these facilities are also available at our Clinical Campuses in Seremban, Batu Pahat and Kluang. You can view the facilities available at these Clinical Campuses via our virtual tours.

Learning Resources


The Library has a seating capacity of 750 seats of various types with 11 discussion rooms. It contains more than 60,000 copies of printed books, 74,782 titles of e-books and more than 6,000 titles of online journals from 11 subscribed databases. E-resources are accessible at the library via its web portal using Active Directory Username and Password regardless of location. The library is divided to 2 zones: Collaborative study areas where light discussions are allowed and quiet study areas for serious individual study.

Medical Museum

The Medical Museum (MMS) is situated in the library and is a learning facility for all IMU students with many types of exhibits which include anatomy models, charts, potted specimens, fixed learning modules (FLMs), microscopic slides, videotapes, CD ROMs, radiography imaging (x-rays) and others. Students learn with the help of specimens, models or FLMs about the practical components of subjects like anatomy, pathology, microbiology, parasitology and immunology.

Lecture Halls

The IMU has an auditorium, three Lecture Theatres, seven Multipurpose Halls, forty small teaching rooms and eight seminar rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned and fully equipped with IT and audiovisual equipment.


Dental Skills Centre (DSC)

The DSC houses two main dental laboratories: Dental simulation laboratory (DSL) and dental techniques laboratory (DTL) in addition to plaster, casting, acrylic processing, ceramic, and polishing and CAD/CAM rooms. Students received training to carry out all the treatment procedures on the patient simulators until they are competent to enhance their skills and confidence prior to carrying out such treatments on patients in the clinic.

Nutrition and Dietetics Lab

The Nutrition and Dietetics laboratory consists of several practical centres focused on teaching the students to acquire nutrition and dietetics skills. These practical centres are Food Preparation Lab, Quantity Food Lab, Pastry Lab, Nutrition assessment & GI lab, Sensory lab, Food Analysis lab and Food Kiosk. There is also a small food kiosk for students to practice their entrepreneur skills in sales of healthy recipes developed by the students to the IMU community.

Research Laboratories

Research at IMU has gone on for more than a decade in the well-equipped research laboratories. Research strategies adopted continued to be based on National priorities as set out by the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) as well as the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), and the expertise available at IMU. The research emphasis was therefore in the areas of Bioactive Molecules and Drug Delivery, Cancer Biology, Environmental and Population Health, Clinical Research, and Medical Education Research (reported elsewhere).

Multi-disciplinary Labs (MDL)

MDL is a learning facility that supports teaching-learning activities for Medical Science, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and all Health Sciences programmes. There are total eight multidisciplinary labs and a pathology lab in the IMU campus in Bukit Jalil. There is also a Nutrition and Dietetics laboratory which consists of several practical centres focused on teaching the students to acquire nutrition and dietetics skills.


Computers are available for internet access at the university’s E-learning laboratories and library. The E-learning laboratories are fully equipped with the latest multimedia hardware and software. The university’s wireless network also allows internet access via laptop computers anywhere on campus. Printing facilities are allocated at designated locations in the University.

Skills Centre

The Skills Centre functions as a teaching and learning area for IMU programmes using models or equipment and simulated patients. The Skills Centre has 45 classrooms, 2 Briefing rooms, a Chinese Medicine dispensary, Open Ward and a Chiropractor practical room. The Open Ward is specially designed for the teaching of clinical skills to nursing students. It is very spacious and well-organised to reflect the actual setting of a clinical unit (ward) where students need to acquire competencies in caring for patients in a healthcare environment. The Chiropractor room is equipped with 16 chiropractic tables for students to learn and practice their chiropractic skills. The Chinese Medicine dispensary has many Chinese herbs, acupuncture models and needles on display for teaching and learning.

Clinics & Healthcare Centres

The University’s Clinics and Healthcare Centres provide services in promoting wellness and holistic healthcare. Alongside chiropractic and Chinese medical services, our Clinics offer medical and dental services, psychological, nutritional and dietary advice and counselling.

Pandan Serai Café

Whether it is for a snack, meal or light refreshment, there are always a wide range of healthy food options available with a large variety of vegetable dishes, specially cooked by our dedicated cooks. Awarded the Healthy Cafeteria status, the café has calorie labelling of foods and the availability of smaller portions options. This cafeteria also serves food that is less sweet, less salty and free from MSG and processed food, providing a much healthier option to all.

Student Lounge

At the Bukit Jalil campus, students can use a student lounge for various indoor games and for relaxation. Students can also access a fully-equipped gymnasium, a dance studio with apt sound system and a multi-purpose court for playing basketball, futsal, volleyball or cricket.


The IMU accommodation service is located at the Vista Komanwel, a condominium opposite of the IMU campus. The condominium is within easy walking distance of all teaching and research facilities in Bukit Jalil. All our accommodation is designed as individual condominium for students to share. Rooms can be either single room or twin sharing and the students share a kitchen/living/dining area with other housemates. Accommodation is on first-come-first served basis. View More




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