Deadline Extended

The submission of art entries for the 2020 IMU Art Competition has been extended to 18 December 2020 (Friday) by 5pm.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Staying Hopeful

In many parts of the world we see devastating environmental crisis, loss of social dignity, or life-altering loss of well-being.  In the face of these adversaries, staying hopeful is a path towards healing.

Why is staying hopeful so important for our well-being?

When one is faced with obstacles in life, it is crucial to face these difficult times in optimism. Having hope changes our perspectives and reduces feelings of negativity. It gives us the courage to persevere and to see opportunity in the midst of these challenges. Researches have proven that having hopeful feelings can benefit us in so many ways unimaginable to us.

When we are hopeful, we can see an improvement in our general health and mental well-being. On top of that, our social relationships will improve too. So as the saying goes, always remember to ‘look on the bright side of life’ because when you believe, that’s when you will succeed!

About the Competition

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As we step into year 2020, maintaining a positive well-being should be a priority in our lives. The first step towards building a better you is to keep the hope alive. So what’s your HOPE for a better you and a better tomorrow? Click on the buttons below to know more about the competition.


Debora Teo Linang

Debora Teo Linang

Self-taught artist Debora Teo, surrenders to the act of painting itself, and lets the emotions — however difficult they may be — bloom directly from her unconscious. She would come across as someone who is emotionally very strong as portrayed in some of her works where her paintings are unique and often thought provoking. “I have very deep feelings on a conscious and subconscious level that come through in my painting. My work has always been personal, from my heart. I can’t live without painting, it’s my calling”.

Powerful images of the female form are the primary subject of Debora’s work because for her, the female is known to be one to give life – a symbol of prosperity and vitality. Her paintings of women feature a unique blend of gestural abstraction and figuration finished with acrylics

Harni Jonet

Harni Jonet

Harni Jonet has been working in the art industry for about 10-12 years specifically in the private sector. She has been appointed as an Exhibition Designer, Business Development Executive and Assistant to Gallery Manager in different corporations. She has worked alongside the Malaysian Consulate in Islamabad, Pakistan, the National Cancer Institute Malaysia and Hospital Shah Alam where she manages special projects in supplying and installing artworks at the said institution/corporation. She has also become a key role in a few “ecosystem” projects organised by Galeri Chandran like Malaysian Emerging Artist Award, Kembara Jiwa (Travelling Souls), The Future of Malaysian Art, Nafas Residency Programme and many more.

Visithra Manikam

Visithra Manikam

Visithra Manikam is a self-taught emerging Malaysian female painter and photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her art is influenced by Indian art styles (Mahbubani/ Patachitra) and has a pop art/ pop surrealism/ big eye art favour to it. Some of her work has a social message and brings forth issues she strongly supports. Her social art recently received the highly commended in the 2019 Redline Artworks Global Award. Her Anti-racism Reimagined Human Series has won her a few awards.

Her artwork has also been published worldwide in different global artistic publications including Chachalaca Review (Texas), (Prachya Review (Bangladesh), The Brown Orient (USA), Follow the Halo (Middle East).

Zaslan Zeeha Zainee

Zaslan Zeeha Zainee

Currently working as a curator at the National Art Gallery, Zaslan sees himself as a man who loves to think beyond the conventional to solve a problem. As a creative person, curiosity is the reason why he chose to dedicate his life in arts. “Art has always been a massive part of my life. I always strived to achieve the best to my work. I prefer fine art to anything else, as fine art to me has more potential in it to embrace the artists’ emotions. It contains more depth and concept than any other media.”
He enjoys the exciting little journeys in arts when creating an artwork or handling an arts activity, additionally, he is interested in the little stories that make up the mundanities of life as it has made him more aware of the world around him.




Cert No: KLR 0500119