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Compassionate Doctor Becomes Good Samaritan

01 Aug 2017

In life, there are many things that we will be facing and it is always in our human nature to avoid problems and seek pleasures. However, only by facing the challenges and leaving our comfort zone, can we expand ourselves and grow. It is by this principle that I tackle any life’s problems now. These are the words of wisdom from Dr Koh Siew Ling, an IMU alumna who shot to fame when she helped a motorcyclist at the scene of an accident last May, making sure that the motorcyclist received the initial medical care he needed until the ambulance came. While recovering in the hospital, she visited the grateful motorcyclist to check up on him.

Photo credit: Star Online

“The recent accident has made me an instant celebrity, to all those fame seekers out there, take this hint! Haha…On a serious note, it is my natural reflex to get down from my car to help when I was there during the accident. There should not be any second thoughts or reasons to help a fellow human being in need. I guess this kind of attitude can be traced back to the trainings that I had from IMU and also now. If any similiar accidents were to occur again, I will still do it without any hesistation. I think this is what most doctors would have and should have done too anyway.“ Dr Koh, who is currently working at Klinik Kesihatan Selayang Baru and hopes to specialise in child psychiatry with particular specialty in autism, has been aspiring to be a doctor since young. This was ingrained into her with frequent visits every year to the orphanage and handicapped centre during her birthdays. She has also have had the privilege to discover at an early age that her life’s purpose is to contribute to the society and do good to make a difference in peoples’ lives. She started her studies in medicine at IMU and had this to say of the University, “With the reputation of being the best among the private medical university in Malaysia offering a vast option to study part 2 of the degree overseas, the complete and advance teaching facilities made available, the decision to cement the core foundation of my medical knowledge with IMU was made naturally without any second thoughts.” Dr Koh’s best memories at IMU include spending time with friends revising in the rooms or library, but it is there where strong friendship bonds which lasted till now are built upon. She believes that her high level of focus and dedication to any job in hand is honed and attributable to the times when she had to concentrate hard during the early morning lectures! “In the stressful and competitive environment of my medical educational days, it is very important to keep our bodies fit. During the occasional off days that I can get away from studies, I will engage in my favourite sporting activities of basketball and badminton with few of my friends. Not only is my body being exercised, my mental and psychological well-being are too as we often ended up having good laughs during these sweat out sessions.” “The participations of those charitable events organised by IMU have also enabled me to experience the joy of giving in life and to be able to make a difference in everyone’s lives. Most people will focus on complaining about things that they never have, but I choose to appreciate the things I have instead. And one of the things I had which most do not is that I have had the opportunity to participate in a Chinese singing competition with my Indian buddy during one of the IMU events!” IMU Alumna Dr KohIMU Alumna Dr KohIMU Alumna Dr Koh Dr Koh then transferred to University of Leicester for completion of her medical degree. “The time spent in Leicester has been bedrock and a turning point in my life. Although I have only spent half a year in that place, it has proved to be a great learning curve in life for me as I have to juggle between studies and my family issues.” Unfortunately, after half a year, Dr Koh requested to return to IMU in Seremban for her clinical studies in order to take care of her ill father as his medical condition deteriorates. “Although it was a difficult decision to make, I knew it was the right one as I got to spend as much time with him before he passed away subsequently. I always felt that family should always be anyone’s priorities in life and it has been the pillar of strength in mine during difficult times. Managing emotional stress is part and parcel of life, hence to experience the emotional trauma of striving to excel in my studies and also taking care of my father at the same time has proved to be a challenge.”

Commenting on her work at the Klinik Kesihatan, Dr Koh said, “My day is as TYPICAL as what a doctor’s life is, which I am sure most of you are experiencing or will be experiencing soon! Nonetheless, I hope that everyone can make a note in their daily journal to take time off to engage in meaningful activities that gives them fufilment other than thier studies.“

Dr Koh’s advice to those who are aspiring to be doctors, “There are tonnes of advices that I would like to deliver to my juniors but the most important message I want them to know is to always be kind to each other and show compassion towards all human beings that come across in your life. There may be times throughout your medical journey that put you off to what you used to believe, but try to persevere and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. However, if after much thoughts and if you think that this field is not what you always wanted, quit early and do something in life that aspire you instead. Being a doctor should always be a passion and not form of recognition.” Related article: The 5 Ways Malaysian Healthcare Professionals Stand Out as Awesome


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