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Fascinating Learning Experience at EMAS Meeting 2019 and Trauma Master Class on Research

20 Nov 2019

My colleaques and I had the opportunity to participate in the Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Conference (EMAS) Meeting 2019 that was held from 7– 9 October 2019. EMAS Meeting 2019 is an annual event organised by College of Emergency Physicians, a gathering and platform for all the Emergency Physicians and Emergency Medicine medical personnel in Malaysia to commemorate their service and showcase of achievements. We realised that practice in medicine is not just about studying, and it is important to gain experience and exposure. The ultimate goal joining this event is to understand emergency medicine field and to gain experience on presentation of case report.. This event offers a great platform for us to apply our knowledge and clinical skills as much as we need to know our case clearly in order to present our case convincingly.  At the Conference, we were shortlisted for poster presentation for a case report titled: “A Rare and Severe Complication of SLE: Bullous Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”. I personally felt that my participation in this event had helped me to boost my confidence in presenting a case through the enhancement of my knowledge and understanding of this case report. An important point to mention, this is the first case reports for all 3 of us, therefore it really means lot to us. With regards of our training for poster presentation and case report writing, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to our own Emergency Medicine Lecturer, Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani, who is also an IMU alumna. Her relentless mentoring and guidance had helped us to attain this success in our first participation of such a huge event. My friends and I would like express our gratitude to IMU as well for the support, trust and opportunity given in our participation in this event. Medical Students' experience at a Conference and Master Class. Subsequently, Dr Rosdara and I attended a Trauma Master Class by Prof Ian Robertson – in conjuction to EMAS conference, held in Putrajaya. He is the Professor of Epidemiology & Co-director of Clinical Trials Unit, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is also the Chief Investigator for the CRASH 3 Trial that was just published recently. CRASH 3 Trial is a research about tranexamic acid for the treament of significant traumatic brain injury. His words regarding research and its importance to clinical practice, inspired me a lot . In conclusion, I really appreciate the opportunity to present our first case report in such a huge event and be able to attend the masterclass by Prof Ian Robertson. I hope that IMU medical students will take opportunity to join events like this in the future.

Written by Foo Chuan Yi, IMU Medical Student (ME 1/16)

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