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Gaining Knowledge in the Art and Science of Ocular Prosthetics

22 Dec 2021

In our society, there are a growing number of eye defect patients who are in need of ocular prostheses.A custom-made eye prosthesis plays a significant role in bringing back these needful people into a normal quality of life. However, there is a deep scarcity of well-trained ocularists to provide this service In Malaysia. The CPD workshop “The Art & Science of Ocular Prosthetics” is an initiative by IMU’s School of Dentistry to train and develop the local specialist, dentist, and dental technologist on custom made eye prostheses. The workshop was organised by a group of people from the School of Dentistry, IMU who are highly trained and experienced in custom made ocular/eye prostheses.

A workshop which attracted participants comprising of specialists, lecturers, general dental practitioners, and dental technologists from different states of Malaysia.

Participants who attended this workshop were from different states of Malaysia, including Sabah, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Ipoh and Kelantan.

The participants are specialists, lecturers, general dental practitioners, and dental technologists. The Ministries of Health and Defense have also sent their staff to this workshop. The workshop covered all the aspects of clinical and laboratory procedures of a custom-made ocular prosthesis. The participants had the opportunity to be involved in hands-on activity during the workshop.

Participants’ Feedback
Aizat Mohsidin So fun
Muhammad Syameem bin Abd Raub Nice
Azim Well done
Jana Abdulla It was excellent, if we had any difficulties, it was managed and supervised very well. The staffs were checking on us every now and then
Chew Wei Fern Excellent

The CPD workshop “Art & Science of Ocular Prosthetics” Season 2 will continue next year with more elaborative plans and activities.

Written by Dr Nafij Bin Jamayet, Senior Lecturer, Division of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, International Medical University

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