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Graduation Night for Nutrition and Dietetics with Nutrition Students : Midnight in Paris

09 Oct 2017

IMU Dietetics with Nutrition (DN) programme held its annual NDT Graduation Night 2017 with the theme ‘Midnight in Paris’ at Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur on 7 July 2017. It is a tradition that has been passed down since the first batch of Dietetics with Nutrition pioneers and it celebrates the completion of the graduates’ hard work and effort in IMU. Cohort DN114 took the responsibility of organising the event, from the search for venues and sponsorship to event planning and on-site decoration, with the purpose of making the night remarkable and memorable for the graduating batches, DN113 (Dietetics with Nutrition) and NT114 (Nutrition). Despite the Friday evening heavy traffic, we were delighted that all guests put on their best effort for this memorable night. Our beloved lecturers, A/Prof Datin Dr Safiah bt Md Yusof, A/Prof Rokiah bt Don and Mr Ng Kar Foo had graced us with their presence on that night. Besides, our alumni from ND111, Dawson Koh, spent some time celebrating with the graduates. All attendees turned up looking so glamorous! Each attendee was presented with a nicely-packed door gift comprising of a packet of cranberries and instant oats, both sponsored by Teik Senn (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, together with some lovely chocolates. Welcoming snacks and drinks were prepared by the hotel to fill everybody’s empty stomach – and tease their appetite for the buffet dinner afterwards. Attendees were invited for a photo-taking session at the nicely-decorated photo booth. Upon ushering all guests to be seated into the hall, the night begun with Eileen Hii and Khuan Loan walked into the hall gracefully as soon as the promotional video starring the both of them had ended. Once the emcees commenced the ceremony, the event continued with a quick mind-boggling game – building an “Eiffel Tower” using chocolate wafers and whipping cream. Everyone enjoyed it very much! The night continued with some beautiful music performed by our guest and graduate during the dinner session, charming our guests with beautiful melody. To further spice up the event, we asked all graduates to write a few words as appreciation messages and some of the lucky ones were chosen to be shared publicly to all attendees. The atmosphere was so touching during the reading session that the graduates had to hold back their tears! The graduating batches walked down memory lane when a throwback video and a video recording of lecturers’ speech were played. It flashed back all the good and memorable times they had spent together, putting in effort and dedication to succeed throughout their university life. A few graduating representatives were invited to the stage to share a few words to their course mates and the memories that they had throughout the years in IMU. Announcement of the Prom King and Queen was the most thrilling and exciting moment throughout the night. The good looking Philip Lee and Amanda Chew, both from NDN113, were crowned as the winners. Photos of the graduating batches were captured to mark the end of the night. The event ended with great success, with satisfaction and smiles on the face of every guest!

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