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IMU Cares Helps Improve Marginalised Families at Caring Community Centre

15 Mar 2019

Caring Community Centre (CCC) is a NGO which serves about 60 marginalised families in the town of Kapar, Klang. For a number of years, these families in the community were dependent on monthly food contributions from various companies to sustain their living. Many of these families struggle with single parenting issues, drug and alcohol addiction and school drop-outs. Since 2016, IMU Cares began initiatives to improve their health status by bridging the gap in accessing medical care and equipping them with vocational skills e.g. sewing and baking. Through these, the families have improved living conditions as well as a source of livelihood. IMU CARES IMU Cares’ work with te communities involve understanding the local needs and finding solutions that can help address some of the social or economic issues. In this context, the social purpose was to support the development of Caring Community Centre by providing them skills and education as well as investments in community programmes that would improve living conditions. IMU Cares in partnership with Miss Malaysia India Global Care (MMI Care), an NGO, has provided support to this community in terms of financing the day-care programme, tuition programmes, meal programmes and rental for the centre. Tuition programmes were provided for the students in CCC who were sitting for their Year 6 examination, Form 3 and Form 5 examinations. This tuition programme aimed to give the students additional support in preparation for their exam. Of these, two (2) students achieved 4As in their Form Three Assessment (PT3) and Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR). Their success has been a great inspiration to the community to encourage the students to strive for excellence and to be able to lift themselves from poverty. “We would like to congratulate the students who have worked hard and we hope that this contribution will encourage them to continue striving for excellent academic achievements for the new term and beyond. Pupils in the rural areas are equally as good as their counterparts in the urban areas but they need to be pushed and encouraged to do well in their studies. We are happy that IMU Cares has been able to benefit your community in this way” said Prof Khoo Suan Phaik who is the Associate Dean for Community Engagement for the University. IMU Cares hosted an appreciation gathering with the representatives of the CCC and MMI Care, our partner who have collaborated with us to bring these efforts to fruition for the community. Prof Ong Kok Hai, the advisor for IMU Cares was presented with a token of appreciation by the Project Leader Dr Lydia Lee Sze Teng and her team for his guidance in this project. The community has also been taught various entrepreneur skills such as baking, making candle molds and cooking. IMU Cares has always believed in supporting capacity-enhancement programmes with the right skills for a career and a clear pathway to seek employment. Through the acquisition of the necessary skills, they can take control of their destiny and future instead of having to battle challenges which are beyond their control. Dr Lydia and her team from IMU expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the lives of the community and have developed themselves in this process.

Written by Rashid Ramli (IMU Community Engagement)

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