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IMU Nursing Student Scored a Distinction in Licensure Examination

21 Oct 2016

IMU Nursing student, Wong Ai Hui, scored a distinction in the Nursing Board National Licensure Examination held on 7 September 2016. This is an examination that all nursing students are required to sit for upon successful completion of their studies in order to be registered with the Malaysia Nursing Board and obtain their license to work in Malaysia. IMG_5310IMG_0061

“I was really excited when I received the news that I scored a Distinction in the Nursing Board Licensure Exam. It was unexpected. At that moment, I felt that all my efforts and hard work in these 4 years were paid off. I was grateful to meet so many knowledgeable and dedicated teachers and wonderful people throughout my university life. I have learnt not only knowledge and skills, but also about attitudes from my nursing lecturers and clinical instructors. They helped me to define a “good” nurse, who upholds the professional nursing standards and integrity, respect and care for the well-being of others. I appreciate every encounter with the nurses and patients in the clinical settings that inspired me to become a better nurse and a better person.”

14741633_10208060228244420_637802621_n Ai Hui decided to pursue her career in nursing at IMU in 2012 upon completion of her pre-university studies. “When I was in the midst of struggling and debating which path I should choose for my future, an idea of becoming a nurse just came to me. I always have a soft spot for those vulnerable ones. I hope that I could help the sick and needy, and contribute to the society. Besides that, I love the flexible and challenging work. Nursing is dynamic. I think it suits me well.” Speaking of her choice to study nursing in IMU, Ai Hui said, “IMU is a well-established university. Nursing lecturers and clinical instructors possess extensive knowledge and experience in their fields of expertise. They are dedicated in teaching and guiding students in academic studies as well as clinical practice. IMU also prepares the students for employment through adequate clinical exposure in both government and private sectors.”

“There were countless memorable moments throughout my university life. Without a group of awesome classmates around, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my university life as much as I did. We had a lot of fun together, we helped and supported each other, especially during our clinical postings. We learned to appreciate and make the best out of everything in any situations,” added Ai Hui.

11265120_10153281971478006_6661535189243191444_nIMG_4815 Ai Hui was offered a scholarship by the National University Hospital Singapore which bonds her to the institution for up to 5 years. She believes that this will be a good start for her to strengthen her nursing skills and broaden her global perspective about nursing.

Her advice to anyone who is deciding to start a career in nursing is “Know your passion and always keep it in your heart. Nursing is a combination of art and science. If you lose the touch of humanity and empathy, your nursing will not be as beautiful as it is. Most importantly, choose what you love and love what you do.”

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