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IMU Psychology Alumnus Works as Specialised Training Instructor

17 Feb 2016

Psychology alumnus, Riithraiyeini V Veerappa completed her degree in Psychology from IMU in October 2015. Upon completion of her degree, she immediately got a job and is currently working at Shichida Method Sdn Bhd as a Specialised Training Instructor. IMG20151126093627 “Making the transition from a student to working life was indeed nerve racking as I did not know what to expect. I will always remember the words from one of my lecturers, Mr Alexius Cheng, “Never give up in what you believe in, work hard and everything else will fall into place, the most important thing is be who you are”. These words have stuck with me and helped me into a smooth transition to working life.” “Studying psychology in IMU has really helped me in my current job scope. Each module that was offered in this programme has helped me to relate and apply what I have studied in class to real life situations at work. The thing I appreciated most in IMU was the fact that the lecturers was always there for me throughout my three-year programme. They always took the time and effort to meet me and clear whatever doubts or problems I had whatever it may be, a personal issue or regarding my modules. They not only encouraged me but at the same time gave me the confidence and ability to shine and show my strengths.” Mental Health Day 2014rii1 Riithraiyeini feels that IMU has given her many platforms to show her abilities such as counselling skills, carrying out assessments and doing charity work for the community. Few of the platforms include the opportunity to be part of IMU’s Mental Health Day where together with some of her classmates, she administered a stress assessment, did brief history taking on their lifestyle and gave a few tips on health and balanced living. On the other hand, she was also one of the IMU representatives who attended the capacity building programme in creative arts therapy for special educators’ three day workshop. Internship supervisor - Dr. Nor Hamidah Mohd. Salleh While studying for her degree, she did her internship at a Psychiatric Clinic at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur under a well-qualified and experienced psychiatrist, Dr Nor Hamidah Mohd Salleh. During this internship, she had the opportunity to attend the 8th Congress of Asian Society for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (ASCAPAP) 2015 Conference. It was an incredible experience for her as she was able to meet many healthcare professions with different backgrounds from all over the world. During her studies in psychology, Riithraiyeini decided to do her research on “Understanding Young Adults’ Experiences of Recovering from Childhood Victimization (Overcoming Factors)” which is scheduled to be published by the end of 2015. Her research was very much influenced by the constant recurring cases of bullying. Bullying has become a big issue not only in Malaysia but all around the world. Many research have shown, victims of bullying have a long lasting effect on their lives that effects their behavior and self-esteem. Her research is focused on the factors contributing to overcoming the trauma. This is to assist the helping professions in schools, NGO’s and welfare organisation help the children who are in need of recovery. class pic 2015 (2) Riithraiyeini’s biggest career dream is to work closely with the police department to understand a criminal’s behavior and the mechanism of why the act was done. “Furthering my studies in clinical psychology and sub specializing in forensic is definitely the next on my list. I know I would be able to succeed my dreams as I have the amazing and unconditional support from my family, friends and my faculty lecturers from IMU. Throughout my undergraduate journey, it has been a stepping stone in my life and I am very grateful to have done it in IMU. I will be forever grateful to IMU as they have given me the confidence, motivation, growing passion to pursue my dreams in the psychology field.” In the future, she would like to open up a healthcare organisation. This organisation would partly be charitable where free services would be given to the less fortunate, orphanages and old folk’s homes.

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