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IMU’s Taekwondo Team Wins Again!

10 Jan 2020

10 November 2019 – IMU Taekwondo Club sent 7 of its members to UKM to participate in the MBW- UKM Taekwondomas Poomsae Carnival with a mission to win. In the end, their hard work paid off and all of them came back with a medal. Among 7 of the members, Tan Chen Hui (BP118) won a Gold medal while Kerry Lee Pui Yi (BP118) and Kirthik Geervan a/l Visvanathan (PC219) won two silver medals. Last but not least, Lim Yee Siew (ME118), Janice Low Shin Huey (CH119), Ho Jo Yin (ME219) and Russell Tseu Ket Loong (CH219) brought 4 bronze medals back from the competition. Besides serving as the identity and the spirit of Taekwondo, Poomsae is one of the compulsory courses to learn by all Taekwondo practisers. It is a combination of attack and defends motions, and the offensive and defensive techniques is done toward an imaginary opponent. There are no easy ways to master Poomsae fully. One must train every day, control each of his/her movement on every part of his body and he/she need to sync with his/her partner if he/she take part in group competitions. Plus, he/she has to maintain good accuracy, overall speed, pacing, consistency and presentation in order to do well in Poomsae. Although IMU Taekwondo Club only has 2 hours of training every week, the competitors will sacrifice some of their own time to practice their form. The club and members would like to extend their appreciation to their instructor, Sir Chong Wah Tian for his willingness to stay back after weekly training sessions to help the competitors to correct their form. The club would also like to thank the club advisor, Dr Tan Boon Keat for his guidance and support to them.

Prepared by Ooi Shu Jie (ME218) and April Tan Chen Hui (BP118)

Previous Win : IMU Taekwondo Made a Comeback!
19 October 2019 -3 members from the IMU Taekwando Club who took part in a Poomsae competition achieved outstanding achievements: Winning 5 medals in total! The SEGi University Invitational Taekwondo Poomsae Championship 2019 was held at SEGi University. Various universities and taekwondo teaching centres participated in this competition which include APU, Sunway University, UKM and many more. The three winners are Lim Yee Siew, Kerry Lee Pui Yi and Amy Chong Siew Peng. Lim Yee Siew from ME118 won one gold medal in the female individual junior category whilst Kerry Lee Pui Yi from BP118 won a silver medal in the same category. Together, both of them obtained a bronze medal in the female paired junior category. On the other hand, Amy Chong Siew Peng from the Postgraduate Studies grabbed a silver medal in the female individual senior group.

Poomsae, can also be romanised as Pumsae or Poomse is a defined pattern of attack and defend motions, comprises of a combination of offensive and defensive techniques towards an imaginary opponent. Each Poomsae has their own meaning. Other than that, it is served as the identity of Taekwondo. Essentially, it is the Taekwondo spirit. All Taekwondo members have to learn them no matter which level they have progressed.

The road to success is definitely not easy. Aside from attending weekly practices organised by IMU Taekwondo Club, these 3 members took their own initiative to arrange some self-training sessions in order to keep up to the momentum and brush up their skills. These members worked hard on these aspects: accuracy, presentation, overall speed and consistency. Juggling between studies and activities is difficult at times as the curriculum in medical university is quite heavy. However, this does not stop them as practising taekwondo is their passion!

IMU has always emphasizes on promoting the development of students to reach their true potential. This drives the students to go on this path even more. The members would like to extend their appreciation towards their instructor, Sir Chong Wah Tian for his guidance along the way. Besides, thanks to the seniors from the club as well as other members for their encouragement. Last but not least, IMU and SRC for providing support in many distinct forms. Prepared by Lim Yee Siew (ME118) and Kerry Lee Pui Yi (BP118)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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