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Pathway to Becoming a Doctor via IMU’s Foundation in Science

16 Apr 2019

28 March 2019 – A group of 28 students and 3 lecturers from for the International Medical University’s (IMU) Foundation in Science (FiS) participated in a field trip to IMU Clinical Campus Seremban. The Clinical Campus is located next to Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar in Seremban, a town in the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. This initiative or field trip would not have been made possible without the cooperation of the Student Representative Council (SRC), Prof Nazimah, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Development from School of Medicine, and lecturers of the FiS programme. The purpose of this field trip is to expose the FiS students to the medical profession and the healthcare environment. The itinerary of the day begun with warm welcome by the members of SRC at the Clinical Campus. Senior members of SRC shared their experiences and knowledge acquired from healthcare programmes that they are currently pursuing in IMU and briefed their juniors who are the participants on medical procedures, tools and equipment that they are going to use in the hands-on sessions later in the day.

Following lunch was a welcome speech by Prof Nazimah, who shared her experiences of being in the medical field. This was followed by a tour to the Orthopedics, Peadiatrics and Emergency wards. Soon after, participants were placed into groups of four to five members, and each group took turns to role play in different medical scenarios. The role plays include procedures in making the vein more visible and performing venipuncture to take blood from a patient’s forearm, and procedures in regulating oxygen equipment and administrating oxygen to the patient. A field trip to IMU Clinical Campus Seremban for IMU's Foundation in Science students One of the student, Alysia said that she was looking forward to the trip weeks ahead. During the trip, she was exhilarated to be given such opportunities. The participants, who are mostly keen to pursue their MBBS programme at IMU, said that they personally feel that these activities are an excellent exposure for them. Overall, sharing of knowledge, hands-on experiences, and laughter have strengthened bonds between members of SRC and the students from FIS 218 intake who have participated in this field trip. Also, this field trip has further spurred up the participants’ interest toward practicing in healthcare, as the medical learning was simplified by experienced peers, none other than the student representatives who are currently studying healthcare programmes at IMU.

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