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Seven Distinguished Individuals Honoured at IMU’s Special Conferment Ceremony

11 Apr 2017

10 April 2017 – In conjunction with IMU’s 25 Anniversary celebrations, the University gave out seven special honorary degrees to individuals whose vision, expertise and generosity of spirit have contributed to its growth and establishment. These honorary degrees were conferred to these individuals at a special ceremony held at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil. This ceremony was a way of honouring the University’s close associates, individuals whose dedication, greatly impacted the University’s success over the 25 years. Honorary Doctor of Science A gifted visionary social scientist, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Kamal Salih is one of the three founders of the IMU in 1992. Having carved a name for himself as an economist and regional scientist, Kamal was involved in various state government planning committees and played a major role as a Consultant to the Economic Planning Unit under the Prime Minister’s Department on regional development policies for the Third Malaysia Plan, the birth of the New Economic Policy. Read more about Tan Sri Datuk Kamal Salih.

Honorary Doctor of Medical Education (Posthumous)

Professor Karen Mann was an illustrious but humble scholar with over 50 years of medical education. Karen began her career in education as a nursing instructor at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. Widely respected, Karen assumed numerous national and international leadership roles in medical education, She was a member of the IMU’s Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) and the 2nd Ron Harden Visiting Professor. Read more about Prof Karen Mann. Honorary Doctor of Medical Education Professor Trudie Roberts graduated from Manchester with a degree in Medicine and a BSc in Anatomy. Nationally and internationally, Trudie held various leading positions and memberships in professional bodies. At the IMU, Malaysia, she was a member of the Academic Council from 2004 representing University of Leeds and later appointed as Chair of the Professional Education Advisory Council (PEAC) in 2013. She is also currently the Ron Harden Visiting Professor for the IMU. Read more about Prof Trudie Roberts. Honorary Doctor of Medicine Professor Nicholas Glasgow is an experienced general practitioner and palliative medicine physician. At the IMU, Nick joined the Academic Council (AC) as a member representing the Australian National University in 2008. He was appointed as Chair of the Academic Council since 2015. He played a vital role in working closely with IMU to get ANU recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) in 2009. This recognition allows Malaysian medical students graduating from ANU to practise in Malaysia. Read more about Prof Nicholas Glasgow. Honorary Doctor of Medicine Professor James McKillop, who is fondly known as Jim McKillop, was member of the Academic Council for the IMU, Malaysia from 2003-07 representing the University of Glasgow. In 2013, Jim became a member of the Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) for IMU and continues to contribute and provide guidance to the IMU on all matters relating to the education and training of students enrolled in the professional undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes of IMU. Read more about Prof James McKillop. Honorary Doctor of Medicine As one of Australia’s leading experts in medical education, Professor Richard Hays has been a visiting academician since 2013 at IMU. His extensive contribution is seen as a member of the Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC). He is actively involved in the review of programmes and its quality of delivery. Throughout his career, Richard’s research interests include curriculum and assessment practices that deliver particular workforce outcomes, with a strong Social Accountability focus. Read more about Prof Richard Hays. Honorary Doctor of Medicine Professor Dato’ Dr Mafauzy Mohamed is currently an Honorary Professor of Medicine and Senior Consultant Endocrinologist at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He has been invited by IMU and several universities as External Examiner for Professional Examinations at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and also as Masters and PhD theses examiner.  He has been a panel member of the Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) since 2009. Read more about Prof Dato’ Dr Mafauzy Mohamed.

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