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Symphony of Strays (S.O.S) and PAWformance Night

10 Dec 2016

Not one but three separate events were held in IMU by a group of concerned animal lovers from the IMU Eco Friends Club to raise awareness against animal cruelty. The Animal Welfare Group of Eco Friends Club had put all their hearts into creating events that could reach out to the public, in this case the lecturers as well as students of IMU, in the hope of creating awareness. Symphony of Stays (S.O.S) Photo Contest 2016, 27/9/2016 In order to reach out to people and make them realise the severity of animal cruelty, the animal welfare group came up with the idea of using photos displaying all forms of animal cruelty that the photographers were able to obtain around their daily lives. These photos were displayed in a voting booth for all in IMU to place their votes.

IMG_0576 Here , pictures of puppies that were caged; homeless; or even beaten for perhaps stealing some food could be seen. All of animals in the pictures looked dirty and ragged, some even so skinny that the outlines of their bones could be seen painfully clear. These pictures had saddened the hearts of many.

Awareness Talk by SPCA: Humane Management of Strays and Animal Cruelty, 30/9/2016 IMGP7540 This event was held from 12:45 pm to 2:45pm at Lecture Theatre 3 with the same objective of raising awareness against animal and strays cruelty. Mr Arief Fauzy from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was the invited speaker of the day. Many students came to listen and gave their support. The talk began after an opening speech by Prof Ong Kok Hai. Mr Arief Fauzy first introduced SPCA and spoke about the roles and aims of SPCA in pushing for Humane Animal Welfare. He also spoke about the importance and significance of spaying and neutering as well as responsible pet ownership. It was a meaningful talk where many would have benefited from it. A question and answer session was opened to the floor and Mr Arief answered each question well and patiently. Last but not least, the prizes for the winners of the photo contest were given by Prof Ong and tokens of appreciation given to Prof Ong as well as Mr Arief by Dr Lipika! PAWformance Night 2016, 21/10/2016 About 200 students joined the PAWformance Night at 7.30pm in Lecture Theatre 2. It was a talent contest organised by the Animal Welfare committee under IMU Eco Friends Club, in support of animal welfare. Every ticket sold for the event will be donated to both Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Mongrel Prides in the hope of supporting their activities in combating animal cruelty. There were total of 11 groups who took part in this competition, either in groups or individual . The competition was judged by Goh Jun Yang, one of the winners of IMU Got Talent 2015, Daniel Tan, winner of IMU’s Amazing Voice and IMU Live, Eve, who is a dance expert as well as Louis Lim Zi Xian, who is a music director of a media production company, Dreamsfly Media. Louis is also the champion for IMU Got Talent 2015. The voting from audiences was also counted for their total marks. PAWformance-night-imu-news (2) The event started with a speech by the club advisor, Dr Lipika. Next, the competitors showed off their talents, mainly singing and dancing. The competitors came up with such melodious voices which attracted the audience and the judges. Constructive comments were given by the judges after per performance for improvements. The highlight of the event was the “Bad Boy” performed by Eugene Tan from DT115. He was the only contestant who sang and dance at the same time.  He received great support from the audience. PAWformance-night-imu-news (1) Besides this, there were only three groups of contestants dancing. The audiences had chance to watch the traditional Myanmar dance, which is rarely seen in Malaysia, brought by Poe (Zaw Eain Eain Poe)! Ng Chia Ern, a soloist won the first prize whereas second prize was given to a group of three: Lee SzeMinn, Yeoh Keng Ian and Leanne Chew Kim Li. The third prizes winners were Kimberly Lim Ai Ling and Racheal Low San Ahn. The objective of the event were achieved as a total of RM1200 was funded and channelled to both the organisations.

A big congratulations to the winners and we appreciate all the participants as well as audiences, in supporting animal welfare.

PAWformance-night-imu-news (3)

With this night, Symphony of Strays ended on a high note.

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