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University of Dundee awarded Honorary Degree to IMU’s Provost and Co-Founder

07 Aug 2014

20 June 2014 – Provost and co-founder of the IMU (International Medical University), Dr Mei Ling Young, received her honorary degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa from the University of Dundee at the University’s graduation ceremony in Scotland. This is in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the field of medical education. She is indeed an exceptional person who through drive, insight and passion continues to innovate in healthcare education and is an inspiration for all those in healthcare education. She is an inspirational leader, teacher and businesswoman. MLY2Dr Young is one of nine recipients of honorary degrees at the University of Dundee’s graduation ceremonies which took place this year from 18 June to 20 June in the Caird Hall in Dundee. In a press release, Professor Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee, said, “Our Honorary Graduands reflect the vision and ambitions of the University itself, people who have transformed lives in the UK and around the world.” “The scope of achievement among those we are honouring this year is truly remarkable. They are an inspiration to all our students.” Dr Mei Ling Young is also Executive Director of IMU Education, Company Director of IMU Health and IMU Healthcare as well as Deputy President of MAPCU (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities). Together with Kamal Salih, Dr Mei Ling Young co-founded the International Medical College (IMC) in 1992. The College offers medical degrees in collaboration with five of the world’s renowned medical schools – a world’s first. IMC then gained university status eight years later to become IMU. Help was enlisted from Prof Ron Harden from Dundee and Prof Ian Hart, two internationally renowned medical educationists who worked on the medical curriculum. The Principal of Dundee, Prof Michael Hamlin helped IMC with academic, administration and financial aspects. 55 (640x366) The Foundation Dean was Prof John Beck, Emeritus Professor of pathology from Dundee.  Then let the steam of medical deans who started IMC to IMU in this development.  Thus, the pioneer spirit of the Scots, the tradition of quality education as well as financial discipline was embedded into the IMU culture. The University pioneered the partner university model. It has established a strong global network of more than 30 partner institutions of higher learning.  This shows its commitment to opening doors to education and training opportunities outside Malaysia via its credit transfer programmes, opportunities that would not otherwise be available to Malaysians. Through this pathway, students will be able to start their studies at IMU in Malaysia and then complete their studies in Partner Universities. This has also made education in healthcare more affordable to students. Building and developing these worldwide relationships strengthens the University’s ability to secure global talent, which in turn helps attract the brightest and the best to come and study at the IMU. These international partnerships, the interdisciplinary nature of IMU’s academic programmes, and the diverse backgrounds of its students, faculty, and alumni all contribute to the University’s global character. To date, the University has graduated more than 3,100 healthcare professionals with its own degrees and more than 3,000 have graduated from its partner universities. Many of them have pursued postgraduate training and are now working in different sectors. Currently, there are about 3,500 students in the IMU and it continues to play a significant role in nation building. Congratulations to Dr Mei Ling Young! Photo Credit: University of Dundee

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