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What is Self-directed learning (SDL)?

Self-directed learning (SDL) is a process where students take the initiative, with or without the guidance of others, to formulate own learning goals, select resources for learning, implement learning strategies, and evaluate the outcomes achieved. Self-directed learning (SDL) in CSSC is a unique learning space exclusively set up with high-quality manikin, equipment, and necessary tools for students to practise procedures at their own free time within 8:30am – 5:00pm everyday, except for public holidays and weekends.

There are more than 15 procedure stations in the SDL as required by the different cohorts of students at the IMU Clinical Campus in Seremban. All stations are equipped with an LCD screen TV. Each TV displays video for a specific procedure. It enables students to practice according to the correct steps and technique as shown by the tutors/lecturers.

Self-directed learning enhances students’ self-confidence and initiative through its outcome-oriented independent learning process. It aligns with IMU’s goal to prepare the student to be a responsible self-directed lifelong learner.