Self-Development Programmes

What is Self-Development Programme?

Self-Development Programme aims to encourage students to learn to develop themselves and plan for the future by becoming more self-aware.  Students in IMU are introduced to these Self-Development Programmes through orientation programmes, outreach programmes, ongoing workshops and talks, sand tray and self-discovery through cards).

The Aims of Self Development Programme

The aims of the Self Development Programmes are to help the students by:

  • Increasing the students’ self-awareness.
  • Help students to create a plan to acquire the skills they may need for their academic studies or their chosen career path.
  • Empowering students with soft-skills which emphasized on memory, reading and critical thinking.
  • Help increase positive emotions by learning positive coping strategies through positive psychology.
  • Learning relaxation techniques.
  • Learning to make good decisions.
  • Team bonding and communications skills.
  • Ability to manage feelings and behaviour.

The Outcome of Self Development Programme

Through the Self Development Programmes, students would be exposed to the following outcomes.

  • Reflecting on their own learning styles, ongoing performance and achievements.
  • Learning to capitalise on strengths planning their all-round personal, educational and career development.
  • Identifying and addressing areas for development & setting goals.
  • Engaging in positive behaviours.
  • Learning to tap into mindfulness skills to manage their emotional care.
  • Conversations skills to enable them to say what they need and to listen to others’ viewpoints.
  • Improving and strengthening their coping skills.

The Aims of Self Development Programme

The Outcome of Self Development Programme

Self-Development Programmes for Students

The Self Development Programmes are introduced through the “Students Development Programmes.  These programs are introduced to the students via orientation programmes, collaboration between the faculty and the Self Development Unit (SDU), promotion through social media and upon requests.

No Topics of Workshops Coverage Areas
Core Workshops
1 Introduction to Students Development Unit & Personal Safety Self-awareness
2 My Behavioural Style Knowing yourself
3 Senior Sharing Study Skill Study skills
4 What’s Your Journey Motivation
5 Managing Semester 7 Time Management
6 Super MRT (Memory, Reading & Critical thinking) Study skills
7 BEAM – Breathe, Eat, Act Mindfully Stress Management
8 Personal Grooming Job Readiness
9 Career talk- Interview Skills Job Readiness
10 Career talk- Resume Writing Skills Job Readiness
Ad-hoc Sessions, Talks and Workshops
11 Sand Tray Self-discovery
12 COPE Cards Self-discovery
13 The Five Love Languages – Managing Relationship Relationship
14 Public Presentation Skill Training Presentation Skills
15 Effective Communication Communication
Custom Made Workshops
16 Choosing your Career Career Planning
Open Day Workshops
17 How to Choose a Career – Based on John Holland RIASEC Theory Career Guidance

Cert No: KLR 0500119

KPT/JPT (R/721/6/0033)09/2019