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If you want to be successful, It’s just this simple, know what you are doing, Love what you are doing, And believe in what you are doing.
-Will Rogers-


Industry Partnership and Career Development Unit has two separate duties but functions as one in view of developing resources for graduate development. Industry Partnership provides the resources to enable authentic learning by embedding students with the industry as part of their experiential learning. Career Development delves into the myriad of essential skills that are required by employers. Essentially, we agree to the mantra “you are hired because of your degree, but you are appreciated and promoted because of your essential skills.”

Career Development

  • Career Development was established with the aim of providing career development tools and support to the future graduates of IMU. Our goal is to equip and support students as they navigate through their study path on campus.
  • Throughout the students’ path, Career Development offers dedicated career support, to enhance their personal and professional development in order to improve employability. Career Development prepares the students to face the ever-changing graduate job market.
  • IMU had adopted the IMU Graduate Attributes since 2015 and they include the following domains


Work Competence Attributes

  •  Knowledge and Technical Skills
  • Patient Centredness
  • Digital Literacy
  • Real Job Experience
  • Entrepreneurship


Social Intelligence

  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Management and Resolution


Organisational Acumen

  • Professional Development and Lifelong Learning


Personal Characteristics

  • Trustworthiness and Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Critical thinking and Problem Solving
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Service to the Community

To this end, these attributes are key in the design of the educational programmes and the support Career Development Unit provides to developing these attributes.

Industry Partnership

  • Industry Partnership seeks advice from the Industry Partners to chart the University direction, aligning to the industry needs and demands in order to produce high quality, sought after graduates.
  • We work closely with industry partners to find innovative solutions to challenges and to bring the real world into the classroom. The Unit’s main objectives are to create mutually beneficial collaborations that will drive sustainable engagement between the university and industrial stakeholders to enrich the three key domains of the University: research, education and healthcare.

Our Success Story

  • Since its establishment in 2017, the Career Development Unit had undergone tremendous changes and made many improvements. One major change is the name which now reflects our function: Industry Partnership and Career Development Unit (IPCDU). This unit (IPCDU) is in the position to support the university’s mission to produce high quality, sought after and career-ready graduates.
  • In recent years, the unit had offered a series of workshops related to career preparedness and established relationships with many employers through career focused activities such as Career Sharing Sessions and Graduate Career Fair. IPCDU also championed the importance of essential skills, and this can be evidenced from the list of workshops organised by this unit.
  • IPCDU launched the Career Readiness Passport (CRP) in August 2019 as one of the strategy to promote the importance of career preparedness and essential skills as well as the tools to track them. This passport serves as a road map for students on what to do from in a timely manner during their university journey in terms of their career planning and development. There are 4 checkpoints in the entire passport. Each checkpoint outlined key activities to be followed and completed by students. Career Readiness Passport programme will expose students to career talks and seminars by inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs. All these activities will be recorded and verified in the passport. This passport can form part of the students’ curriculum vitae in tracking and establishing their preparedness and transition from a self-directed learner (student) to a responsible adult learner (employee). The skills they learn are life-long and will serve them well.
  • The unit has many more new and fun activities in the pipeline which is planned to roll out in 2021. All the activities are in line with the vision – “To have sustainable partnerships with the industry which would ensure the needed competencies of the IMU graduates and enhance IMU’s reputation in research and consultancy.”

Things You Might be Curious About

Brand Yourself for Employability



possible career opportunities through our Career Seminars/Events and Employer Information Sessions. Speak with our team to strategise on how you can improve and achieve your career goals



yourself with the right tools. Expand your experience and enhance your resume through our Internship programme



with our extensive list of employers of choice. We organise Employer Networking events and talks for you to connect with potential employers

Available Workshops

Develop an Impactful Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Develop an Impactful Curriculum Vitae (CV) Workshop will assist candidates on the best method on how to expose their qualifications and make them the best potential candidate for a position. This workshop is to assist the candidate to stand out among other applicants. Some of the topics covered in Develop an Impactful Curriculum Vitae (CV) Workshop are as follows:

  • Answer the questions on how to grabs the attention of employers and recruiters.
  • Brand and expose your strongest skills and accomplishments
  • Determine if you are matched for a position or project
  • Tips during a job interview

Career Coach

Doreen Lim

Certified Career Coach Career Development Unit, IMU

Workshop Sessions

  • Workshop 1 : *To be announced soon
  • Workshop 2 : *To be announced soon
  • Workshop 3 : *To be announced soon

Develop a Professional Online Portfolio


Develop a Professional Online Portfolio (LinkedIn) Workshop will assist the candidate in searching for a suitable career via an online platform. LinkedIn is an easy and modern way to maintain a professional online portfolio. It is also one of the social networks that connect you with future employers or job opportunities.

Some of the topic covered in Develop a Professional Online Portfolio (LinkedIn) Workshop are as follows

  • Brand your profile with professional shoot photo
  • Layout your strengths and working experience
  • Boost your searches for potential employers in your industry

Career Coach

Doreen Lim

Certified Career Coach Career Development Unit, IMU

Workshop Sessions

  • Workshop 1 : *To be announced soon
  • Workshop 2 : *To be announced soon
  • Workshop 3 : *To be announced soon

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Connect with Us

Our FB, LinkedIn and YouTube will enable you to keep up with trends on career sphere in various industries. Checkout our FB and LinkedIn for the unit current activities and events. Advertisement on vacancies are updated on this platform from time to time. Apply for jobs and register for IPCDU events here. Additional write-up on Essential Skills can also be found in our LinkedIn page. Most of the unit major/important activities such as forum, career talk and essential skills workshops are recorded and uploaded here. If you missed to watch it LIVE, check out this page for the recorded version.