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Postgraduate programmes at the International Medical University are research-based as well as coursework-based (with dissertation), encompassing critical and in-demand disciplines as clinical research, biomedical science and public health.

The programmes aim to broaden the scope and impact of medical practitioner’s and other healthcare professionals’ contributions.


School of Postgraduate Studies

The School of Postgraduate Studies supports, administers and coordinates the training of higher degrees (Masters and PhD) by research and taught Masters programmes within the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

School of Dentistry

The IMU School of Dentistry provides education for undergraduate and postgraduate dental programme to prepare students to practise dentistry in the 21st century with knowledge and skills to deliver patient-centred care to different patient populations and varied practice settings, ethically and professionally.

School of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine provides CCAM education, research and services in selected CCAM therapies. The Centre offers undergraduate programmes that meet regional and many international standards and requirements for licensure. The Centre also offers a Master’s Degree programme that has been designed for healthcare professionals who want to broaden their scope of practice.

School of Psychology and Social Sciences

The IMU School of Psychology and Social Sciences provides education for undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programme to discover the fascinating realm of human behavior and societal dynamics.