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The Student Representative Council (SRC) exists to help students make their time at IMU, the best years of their life.

More About SRC

Aside from helping to build strong relationships between staff and students, the SRC assists students in a wide range of issues that are important to them. These include social, welfare or academic concerns. It also helps promote activities that build community, such as sports, cultural activities and other campaigns.

Each council member in the SRC is assigned to a particular section of the IMU experience. We have 16 council members in our Bukit Jalil Campus, and separate councils for our Clinical Campuses.

The IMU SRC consists of:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VP Medicine and Psychology
  • VP Dentistry
  • VP Pharmacy
  • VP Health Sciences
  • VP Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • VP Postgraduate Studies
  • International Students’ Rep
  • Public Relations Rep
  • IT Rep
  • Social Concerns Rep
  • Cultural and Religious Rep
  • External Sports Rep
  • Internal Sports Rep