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Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment originated 2500 years ago. WHO recognised it from 1970s and accept it as Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the world.

MSc in Acupuncture

The MSc in Acupuncture programme is a part-time programme designed in mind for working professionals. The programme incorporates both online and face-to-face (mainly at weekends) learning activities to engage students, with the aim to train competent acupuncturists who are knowledgeable and skilful in acupuncture practices such as needling and moxibustion techniques, Chinese medicine theory and diagnostics etc.

Key Facts


  • Acupuncture (Master of Science)


  • September

total duration

  • Master of Science in Acupuncture (IMU) : 2½-5 years part-time

Tuition Fees

All IMU alumni who are self-funding their postgraduate studies and meet the eligibility criteria will be eligible for a 15% bursary.

Why Study Acupuncture at IMU?

Flexibility for Working Professionals

Teaching and learning activities will be a mixture of face-to-face sessions, as well as online lectures.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Lecturers

The programme is delivered and supervised by lecturers from Malaysia and Shanghai who have experience in teaching and clinical practice.

Research Partnerships

Students will benefit from the conduct of acupuncture-related research in collaboration with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), one of the World Health Organization (WHO) Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre in the frontiers of integrative medical studies.

International Benchmark

Develop acupuncture competencies which are aligned to international standards for safe and effective clinical practice.

Integrative Curriculum

Design treatment strategies by recognising acupuncture boundary and understanding of human body in a more integrative, holistic and non-judgemental way.

Programme Structure

Semester Contents

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Non-Chinese Medicine Practitioners

  • Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Practitioners

  • Fundamentals of Allopathic Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Basic Acupuncture
  • Acupoint Anatomy
  • Acupuncture Clinical Practice
Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
  • Modern Acupuncture Science and Clinical Development
  • Advanced Acupuncture Techniques
  • Selected Readings in Classic Literature
  • Advanced Acupuncture Clinical Practice
  • Research Methodology and Scientific Writing
  • Biostatistics
Semester 7
  • Research Project

Entry Requirement

Applicants are required to have obtained:

  • A Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine, Medicine** , Medical Sciences** or its equivalent with a minimum cGPA 2.50 and above as accepted by University’s Senate; or
  • A Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine, Medicine** , Medical Sciences** or its equivalent not meeting cGPA 2.50, will be subjected to a minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience

** Currently open to MBBS Only**

For Malaysian Students

Not applicable

For International Students

  • IELTS : Band score 5.0; or
  • TOEFL (iBT) : Overall score of 42; or
  • Cambridge English : Advanced (CAE) : Overall score of 154; or
  • Cambridge English : Proficiency (CPE) : Overall score of 154; or
  • Cambridge Linguaskill : Overall score of 160; or
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) : Overall score of 47;


The following categories of students are exempted from the above requirements:

  • International students from countries in which English is the first language.
  • International students who graduated from any Malaysian or other institutions where the curriculum is delivered in English.

Please note that achieving the minimum Entry and English requirements as stated does not guarantee you admission into any of IMU’s programmes.

Please refer to our Student Admissions Policy for more information.

Application and Registration Fees

Fee Malaysian Student (RM) International Student (RM)
Application Fee 150 Not applicable
Registration Fee 1,100 Not applicable
Refundable Caution Deposit 2,000 Not applicable
Student Association Fee per Semester 40 Not applicable
  • All IMU alumni who are self-funding their postgraduate studies and meet the eligibility criteria will be eligible for a reduction in tuition fees.
  • Application fee is payable upon submission of application.
  • Registration fee and refundable caution deposit is payable upon acceptance of the offer letter issued by the IMU Admissions Office.
  • Students must adhere to the Policy on Payment of Fees.

Fee Structure

Malaysian Student

Study Mode No. of Credit Hour  Fee per Credit Hour (RM)  Total Fee (RM)
Conventional 42 1,250 52,500

International Student

Study Mode No. of Credit Hour  Fee per Credit Hour (RM)  Total Fee (RM)
Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable

Views from Our Community

Mr Lim

Patient's Husband

My wife has been on medication for 4 years for progressive aphasia, and there was not much improvement. My niece who is an ex-IMU student suggested to try out Chinese Medicine treatment at ICMC. I was happy with the acupuncture treatment there. After few treatments, I noticed my wife’s face is rosy and facial expression has improved. The lecturer and acupuncture students are very professional and the supporting staff are friendly.

Too Chow Moi


Chinese Medicine is not new to me. I was impressed with the acupuncture treatment received at IMU Chinese Medicine Centre (ICMC). After few sessions of acupuncture, my condition has improved significantly. I had been suffering for lower limbs oedema for years. Both the lecturer and students carried out their duty professionally. I will not hesitate to introduce my friends to IMU Healthcare.

Noor Shuhada Yop Ahmad

Student, MSc in Acupuncture

I’m practicing doctor and I’ve always had an interest to learn acupuncture. IMU has opened up an avenue for western evidence-based medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to assimilate with each other. This is a great learning opportunity, and I’m proud to be among its pioneering batch of students.

Liu Chian Yong

Student, MSc in Acupuncture

Learning traditional Chinese Medicine is an eye-opener. The knowledge gained is beyond what I have expected. Integration of acupuncture to conventional treatment will benefit patients the most.

Goh Chin Loen

Student, MSc in Acupuncture

Memorable course. Proud to be first cohort of MSc in Acupuncture students in IMU, leading me to have the ability in performing acupuncture as a pain treatment for the benefit of patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMU's Acupuncture programme?

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment which originated 2500 years ago. WHO recognised it from 1970s and accept it as complementary and Alternative Medicine in the world.


In collaboration with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), IMU is launching the Master of Science in Acupuncture (MSc Acupuncture) programme which is approved by MOHE and MQA. All the courses are taught in English.

Is the MSc in Acupuncture at IMU the first and only degree acupuncture programme available in Malaysia?


What qualification will I get?

Students who opt to complete the programme locally will be awarded with the IMU MSc in Acupuncture. If you have selected the double degree option, you can complete part of your studies at SHUTCM and obtain an additional Master of Acupuncture from SHUTCM.


You have to make your choice of local or double degrees during enrollment. Additionally, for double degree, you will need to be also registered with SHUTCM as well as MOE, China. The registration in China is open annually in September.

How long does it take to qualify?

IMU Degree: 2.5 – 5 years

What are the entry requirements?

We accept candidates with the following academic background:

  • A Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine, Medicine, Medical Sciences or its equivalent with a minimum cGPA 2.50 and above as accepted by University’s Senate.
  • Candidates who could not fulfil the minimum cGPA may also apply but will be subjected to a minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience.

What is involved in studying acupuncture?

You have to complete at least 12 courses and a minimum of 42 credits in order to graduate. We aim to produce practitioners who are reflective, research-minded, knowledgeable, competent and safe.


For candidates with western medicine background, this involves a broad and deep education which will include Chinese Medicine Theory, Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Basic Acupuncture, Acupoint Anatomy, Selected Readings in Classic Literature, Acupuncture Clinical Practice, Modern Acupuncture Science and Clinical Development, Advanced Acupuncture Techniques, Advanced Acupuncture Clinical Practice, Research Methodology and Scientific Writing, Biostatistics and at last, Research Project.


For Chinese Medicine background candidates, the course will be a little bit different to meet their demands in first semester, and these will include Fundamentals of Allopathic Medicine, Radiology, Basic Acupuncture, Acupoint Anatomy, Selected Readings in Classic Literature, Acupuncture Clinical Practice Modern Acupuncture Science and Clinical Development, Advanced in Acupuncture Techniques, Advanced Acupuncture Clinical Practice, Research Methodology and Scientific Writing, Biostatistics as well as Research Project.

I am a working professional, is the programme offered on a part-time basis?

This programme is targeted at working professionals, therefore the programme is offered only on a part-time basis. And the teaching and learning are designed to suit working adults with a few face-to- face  classes conducted during weekends or live online teaching and learning sessions. Each module has a different number of face-to-face and live online classes. The major part of teaching and learning will go through IMU E-learning portal which is accessible during your spare time and provides flexibility to your studies.


That is to say, you can study at home for the most of the time. It is necessary for the students to be on campus for the face-to-face teaching and learning which include practices and so on in some modules and the end of semester OSCE etc.


2 clinical practice modules (9 credits in all, which means 6 weeks plus 3 weeks of practice will be a big challenge to full-time working candidates. It hasn’t yet to be determined if they are continuous or separate ones. But as you know, acupuncture is a hands-on technique and the clinical practice is very useful and important for you to join in. Merely theoretical learning is absolutely no meaning.

Why is it longer to get the double degrees?

You will need to meet the requirements of both universities for the double degrees. For the IMU degree, you will study at least 2 ½ years. You will need another ½-1 year or more for the degree of SHUTCM.


For the double degrees, you will need to learn an additional module, China Overview (online course) and pass HSK level 5 (Chinese language test). You will also need to complete your 6-8 months’ clinical practice, research proposal presentation and final dissertation presentation at  SHUTCM. If you decide to do research at SHUTCM, it will take you extra time too.


For detailed information about double degrees, you may consult our programme director.

Who are lecturers for this programme?

Cooperated with SHUTCM, the lecturers are from both IMU and SHUTCM, and all have doctorate degrees or over 5 years higher professional experience specialised in TCM and other related subjects. The programme director, Professor Zhou Wenxin just retired from SHUTCM and he has over 35 years of teaching and clinical experiences in acupuncture. He joined IMU in April, 2018 for the sole purpose of launching and teaching the programme.

Is it difficult for me to pass the examinations of each course?

Considering that all participants are working adults, the assessments are designed in many ways and quite different from ones for the undergraduate programmes, i.e. mainly assignment, OSCE, discussion in class, practice in clinic etc. Passing examinations should not be a problem if you study hard.

Am I allowed to practise acupuncture after this master programme?

The Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016 has been issued but the registration regulations are still not very clear. As we know, the Chinese Medicine background students are allowed to be registered in local Chinese Medicine Association and some western doctors, who learned acupuncture (Chinese Medicine) with degree were also registered this way.


Please find out more about the Law and you will be in a better condition to consider studying this degree and the possibility to practise acupuncture under the current Law and regulation in Malaysia. You can also discuss this with our programme director before you make your decision.

Is the tuition fee of MSc in Acupuncture tax deductible?

Yes, it is. You can deduct up to a maximum of RM7000. Please refer paragraph 46(1)(f) of ITA 1967.

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A Word from the Programme Director


Programme Director

“IMU MSc in Acupuncture course is the first and only postgraduate Acupuncture programme available in Malaysia. The programme curriculum is aligned with the international standards and it caters to students from various backgrounds. It will meet the needs of students who are keen on the development and the standardisation of the application of acupuncture.”

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