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The IMU Foundation in Science gives students a proper grounding for a science-related degree, especially in the areas of medicine and health sciences.

The curriculum is designed to stimulate critical thinking and build a life-long love for science via interactive workshops, seminars, experiments or lectures by visiting professors from IMU’s renowned partner universities.

Foundation in Science

Students will not only learn the fundamental scientific principles and skillsets, they will also be motivated to explore their interests in a particular field of science to help them choose the pathway leading to their career choice.

Subject to specific entry requirement, students who successfully complete the Foundation in Science programme will be able to gain entry into IMU or other Malaysian universities as it is a MQA accredited programme.

The IMU Foundation in Science programme has 3 start dates across the year so you can choose the time frame that is most suitable for you.

Key Facts


  • Foundation in Science (IMU)


  • April, July and September

total duration

  • 1 year (3 semesters)


Students who have excellent academic achievements in SPM are eligible for IMU’s Foundation in Science scholarship and bursary. The exact scholarship or bursary offered will vary depending on their results.

Why Study Foundation in Science at IMU?

Awarded by IMU – the Leader in Medical and Health Sciences Education

IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and healthcare university with over 30 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education.

IMU achieved the SETARA-2018/2019 Tier 6 status (Outstanding) under the Mature University category.

High Quality Curriculum Benchmarked to International Standards

The Foundation in Science programme has a high-quality curriculum and is benchmarked to meet international standards.

Direct Pathway into Undergraduate Studies at IMU

The Foundation in Science programme gives you a direct pathway into the undergraduate programme of your choice available at IMU and most of its international partner universities

Interaction with Academic and Healthcare Professionals

As a student at IMU, you will have access to academic experts in medical and health sciences education.

Early Integration into Medical and Health Sciences University Life

You will have access to our University’s facilities and can take advantage of the on-and-off campus activities within the campus community, right from the start of the FIS programme which is fully integrated into the University campus

Programme Structure

The Foundation in Science is a 1-year programme and conducted in 3 semesters. Assessment will be in-course as well as summative. Students are taught the core academic subjects together with English language.

The Cross Boundary Studies offered will enable students to work in collaborative groups to explore an issue in a multidisciplinary approach, strategise and implement changes to have a positive impact on the issue. Students will be able to communicate how they apply their knowledge and apply it to solve the issue of concern.

Selected modules will be linked to the IMU degree programme to enable lecturers in these programmes to build linkages and introduce health science specialisations to the students.

Students will be assessed through class tests, end of semester examinations, practical work, reports, assignments, problem-based learning sessions, projects and presentations of their work.

Semester Contents

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
  • Biology 1
  • Chemistry 1
  • Mathematics 1
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Computing Studies
  • Biology 2
  • Chemistry 2
  • Mathematics 2
  • English for Healthcare Professionals
  • Physics for Health Sciences
  • Biology 3
  • Thinking Skills
  • Cross Boundary Studies
    Plus any TWO of the following four options*:
    1) Chemistry 3
    2) Biosciences
    3) Applied Statistics for Data Science Using Python
    4) Psychology in Healthcare
  • *Your two optional subjects are key to success in your proposed undergraduate course and should be chosen accordingly and as advised by your academic mentors.
  • Biosciences is compulsory for students intending to take Medicine or Dentistry; these students choose any one of the three remaining electives.

Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements

Pass SPM/O-Level with minimum 5 credits in Mathematics and 2 Science subjects and two other subjects or equivalent qualification based on MQA guidelines.

English Requirements – IELTS

Overall band score of 5.0 (for those who did not obtain a Credit in English at SPM/O-Level) Overall band score of 5.0

Click here to view Requirements for Undergraduate Conditional Offer.


Please note that achieving the minimum Entry and English requirements as stated does not guarantee you admission into any of IMU’s programmes.

Please refer to our Student Admissions Policy for more information.

Requirements for Undergraduate Conditional Offer

English Requirement

SPM / O-Levels Grades Required

Foundation in Science Grade Required

Target IMU Degree

Minimum C in SPM/O-Levels English; or IELTS – Overall band score 5.0

Pass with 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and another subject

Overall cGPA 3.50 (with cGPA 3.00 (out of 4.00) in Biology; and Chemistry; and Physics or Mathematics)


Pass with 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and Malay / English

cGPA 3.50* (with cGPA 3.00 in Biology and Chemistry and Mathematics/Physics)


Pass with 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and another subject. Malaysian students are required to attain a credit in Bahasa Melayu and English.

cGPA 3.00* (including B in Chemistry)


Pass with 5Cs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and another subject

cGPA 2.50 (with cGPA 2.33 in 2 subjects from Biology and / or Chemistry and / or Mathematics/Physics)

Biomedical Science***, Dietetics with Nutrition, Nutrition

Pass with 5Cs in Mathematics, 2 Science subjects** and 2 other subjects

cGPA 2.50

Pharmaceutical Chemistry***, Medical Biotechnology, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Psychology, Digital Health, Business Administration with Healthcare Management

Pass with 5Cs in Mathematics, 2 Science subjects** and 2 other subjects. Malaysian students are required to have a credit in Bahasa Melayu

cGPA 2.50


*Applicants are required to pass the IMU Admissions Interview / Additional Assessment.

Please check all terms and conditions for your chosen FIS to undergraduate degree programme pathway in advance.

*** FIS at the IMU gives an exclusive pathway to the University of Dundee and University of Strathclyde where extra credit exemptions are given to those taking the BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science for transfer to these respective universities.

** Science subjects – Biology / Chemistry / Physics

Application and Registration Fees

Fee Malaysian Student (RM) International Student (RM)
Application Fee 150 500
Registration Fee 300 1,000
Refundable Caution Deposit 1,000 1,000
  • Application fee is payable upon submission of application.
  • Registration fee and refundable caution deposit is payable upon acceptance of the offer letter issued by the IMU Admissions Office.
  • The fees quoted for partner universities are current estimates only
  • Student must adhere to the Policy on Payment of Fees
  • All tuition and ancillary fees are subject to annual increases, currency exchange rates, and exclusive of levy and bridging fees (if any).
  • All students are required to pay Student Association Fees of RM40 per semester.
  • * Tuition fee is payable by semester.
  • Administration fee is payable together with registration fee.
  • International Student Administration Fee of RM2,400 is applicable to international students

Fee Structure

malaysian student

Total Duration (year) Total Semesters Tuition Fee Per Semester (RM)* Tuition Fee Per Year at IMU (RM)
Foundation in Science (FIS) 1 3 9,800 29,400

International Student

Total Duration (year) Total Semesters Tuition Fee Per Semester (RM)* Tuition Fee Per Year at IMU (RM)
Foundation in Science (FIS) 1 3 9,800 29,400
Country Estimated Living Costs
(Per Year)
Exchange Rate
(As of Dec 2023)
Estimated Living Cost (Per Year) Australia AUD 21,000 – AUD 30,000 ≈ RM 65,900 – RM 94,200 AUD 1 ≈ RM3.14
Canada CAD 28,000 ≈ RM 98,000 CAD 1 ≈ RM3.50
China RMB 85,000 ≈ RM 56,100 RMB 1 ≈ RM0.66
Ireland EUR 12,000 ≈ RM 62,000 EUR 1 ≈ RM5.17
New Zealand NZD 22,000 – NZD 26,000 ≈ RM 64,500 – RM 76,200 NZD 1 ≈ RM2.93
United Kingdom GBP 10,000 – 22,700 ≈ RM60,000 – RM 136,200 GBP 1 ≈ RM6.00
United States of America USD 16,000 ≈ RM 75,800 USD 1 ≈ RM4.74
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia RM36,000 RM36,000

Views from Our Community

Cheeng Jong Jiun

Student, Foundation in Science

FIS here at IMU, in my opinion, was definitely the right choice; I'm currently 6 months in and loving every bit of it. There is a wide variety of modules in FIS that provide the opportunity for one to hone their leadership and critical thinking skills. On that note, the lecturers are always responsive and helpful in students times of need. The faculty of FIS also hosts many programmes like: “Get to know” and '’Look, See and Feel’ activities to provide students with the extra knowledge to better prepare themselves in choosing their preferred undergraduate course.   Although, at times all this does come off as rather overwhelming; I've learnt that it is incredibly vital to be disciplined and prioritize time management above all else. I always plan my week in advance, to give myself a better scope on my daily tasks, important activities, and meetings, to ensure that I don't miss out on anything!

Chua Teck Kwang

Student, IMU Dentistry

Foundation in Science (FIS) is indeed a well-designed program as it covers the necessary knowledge for students to progress into their undergraduates’ years. Crucial and heavy topics such as human’s biology, chemistry, mathematics and etc. are well distributed throughout the year of FIS, ensuring the student’s competency as a future healthcare student while at the same time, study-life balance is assured. The faculty of FIS also liaises with various Schools offering undergraduate programmes at IMU to organize ‘Look, See and Feel’ activities. These activities are extremely helpful in depicting the real-life pictures for each undergraduate programme for students to explore and know their interests. For example, when I was a FIS student, I had the opportunity to visit IMU Oral Health Centre while accompanied by lecturers from School of Dentistry. This had helped me to understand what Dentistry is about in a real-life perspective. In short, FIS is simply the best!

Lee Chiu Ying

Student, IMU Nutrition

FIS has provided me with the strong fundamental knowledge of science, communication skills and opportunities to improve myself through various activities. For example, in the Cross Boundary Studies module, it is a group-based work which encourages students to work in a team. Through this module, I was able to strengthen my critical thinking skills and leadership skills which makes me well-prepared for undergraduate study. Also, I like the fact that FIS in IMU is designed to prepare students into the healthcare field with various healthcare related modules like English for Healthcare Professionals, Psychology in Healthcare, Bioscience, etc. Besides, there is also a PBL session in FIS where we discuss a case study and share our thoughts and findings after we did some research on the internet. It really helped me a lot as I gained my confidence and ability to socialise. I am truly glad that I have pursued this programme.

Tan Shi Jie

Student, Nutrition

Studying FIS in IMU was a good choice I had made as I get to learn many things which are related to my undergraduate studies. Hence, I am less stressed when I am in my undergraduate year. During my FIS year, the lecturers are always making our lectures so interesting. The best part of FIS is that I get to know many friends who share the same interest as me and share our ups and downs together. Being a scholar is also an amazing opportunity for me as I get to be involved in many volunteer activities and also be a part of IMU events.

Inarah Audi

Student, IMU Chiropractic

My experience as a student and class representative in the Foundation in Science programme is one that I will forever treasure. As an international student from Singapore coming straight from IGCSE, I was incredibly young and nervous when I entered this course, but I was well supported, especially by the mentor-mentee programme. The lecturers are so wonderful and willing to help and guide you throughout the journey transitioning into a degree! Academically, FIS laid a strong foundation and matured me as a student, preparing me well overall for entering undergraduate studies. Though there were definitely moments where I felt out of my comfort zone, I now appreciate those tough times wholly, as they helped me adjust to studying in a university setting and ease the transition to degree. After having the opportunity of being a class representative in FIS, I am now also the class representative of my current batch! Aside from academics, hosting the orientation for my juniors was incredible! The friendships I made in FIS are some of the strongest I have, even after graduation. FIS taught me so much, both academically and personally, and I'm extremely grateful to have been able to experience it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the programme?

1 year (3 semesters)

What are the entry requirements?

Entry Requirement into IMU FiS

Malaysian Students

Pass SPM/O-Levels with minimum 5 credits in Mathematics and 2 science subjects and two other subjects (Those who intend to study Dentistry, Medicine or Pharmacy in IMU must have at least 5Bs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English)

International students
Pass O-Levels equivalent qualification based on MQA guidelines and meet the equivalent requirements.

English Requirements:

SPM or O-Levels: Minimum a credit in English;or

IELTS: Overall band score of 5.0 or equivalent.

IELTS entry requirements for undergraduate programmes for all students would be a minimum overall band score of 5.5 for all health sciences programmes, and minimum overall band score of 6.5 for Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedical Science and Nutrition. Local students could also have MUET as the English language entry requirement to the undergraduate programmes.

Why study FiS in IMU?

The 1-year FiS programme is designed to streamline the pathway for students who have decided to pursue an undergraduate programme at IMU.

Hence, the FiS curriculum is geared specifically towards the medical and health sciences areas of knowledge, which provides you better preparation for undergraduate studies in those fields.

As a student of our foundation programme, you will be a full member of the University community and will have full access to all the opportunities and facilities the University has to offer.

What are the semester contents?

Semester contents are available in the programme brochure [Download Brochure]

Who Are the IMU FiS teaching staff?

The Foundation in Science is the flagship programme of IMU’s Centre of Pre-University Studies.


The current IMU FIS team consists of carefully selected, well qualified and experienced staff with specific skill sets that make them ideal pre-university level academicians. The team have a clear understanding of subsequent undergraduate degree progamme requirements and are assisted in this regard by degree level academics who also advise the students on their available undergraduate pathways while in foundation. It is vital that our students are well mentored in respect to the exciting career pathways that the FIS programme provides.

How does the IMU FiS give ‘preferred enrolment’ into IMU programmes?

When you enrol for IMU FiS, you will also receive a conditional letter of offer to join certain IMU local undergraduate programmes upon completion of the FiS. The programmes that you will be offered will depend on your entry level qualification grades (SPM/O-Level) into FiS. This conditional offer will give you preferred entry into an undergraduate programme subject to you meeting ALL other entry requirements of the undergraduate programme. Application fees for the undergraduate programmes will be waived. For Medicine and Dentistry, students are required to attend compulsory interview as one of the requirements.

NOTE: Meeting all pre-requisite requirements does not guarantee admission to any IMU degree.

Will I have to re-apply for the IMU undergraduate degree after completing my FiS?

Application process would be simplified as FiS students will be required to confirm their selected undergraduate programme during their studies in IMU. Medicine and Dentistry applicants will need to go through the interview sessions. Application fees to the undergraduate programme will be waived except for Medicine and Dentistry.

Can I study Medicine or Dentistry with IMU FiS qualification?

YES, the IMU FIS does allow you to pursue a degree in Medicine or Dentistry at IMU with the following conditions:

  • You must achieve the minimum SPM grades at point of application to FiS (5Bs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English).
  • You must achieve the specified FiS cGPA (3.50 and above). Conditional offer into these programmes will only be given if your cGPA is 3.8 and above.
  • Even with the minimum grades, enrolment is NOT guaranteed as there will still be an interview process for degree level enrolment.

Is IMU FiS recognised by other universities apart from IMU, either local or international?

IMU’s Foundation in Science programme serves as the students’ stepping stone into an illuminating experience in healthcare education and eventually a bright career pathway in professional healthcare in the University’s extensive range of undergraduate programmes, those of its international partner universities.

Can a student register for an IMU Partner University credit transfer programme?

Yes, to most of IMU’s Partner University credit transfer programme .

Are there any scholarships available for IMU FiS programme?

Yes, scholarships are available. Please refer to this link for more details.

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A Word from the Programme Director



Senior Lecturer and Programme Director
ME (Educational Management) (AeU), BSc (Microbiology)(Hons) (UM)

The IMU Foundation in Science programme is designed to equip prospective students with the sufficient knowledge and skills needed to increase their efficacy to shine in the degree programmes of their choice. It is a preferred pathway designated for IMU’s local and overseas degree programmes. This programme has proven to facilitate smooth transition of our students into the various degree programmes which leads towards a promising career pathway.

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