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IMU supports an atmosphere where students can openly share ideas, interests, and concerns. Through involvement with co-curricular activities and attendance at programs organized by student groups, students can develop their skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in regards to ethics, communications, management, vision and aesthetics, as well as find opportunities to confront and discuss ideas that may be new to them.

We have 22 Sports Clubs ranging all the way from the Board Games Club to the Dodgeball Club. Throughout the year, expect to hear about competitions such as the Futsal Tournament and Chess Competitions.

Sports Clubs

Here at IMU, there are plenty of opportunities for you to socialise. Find a group that shares your interests by joining any of the 16 social clubs here. Be it self-development, drama, student welfare, or volunteering for the greater good of our community or planet, we have just the thing to help you thrive.

Social Clubs

Do you know that we have 11 Cultural and Religious clubs including seven cultural and four religious clubs?

Cultural & Religious Clubs

IMU Ball


IMU Chariofare

Goodwill Games