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“The spirit of a man is constructed out of his choices.”

– Irvin D. Yalom


Student Counselling Services

University life is a major turning point for many students, and pursuing a degree opens the door to a new world. Whether it is academic knowledge or meeting new people, learning to study in a new way or discovering more of one’s gifts and skills, it is all a new process. This lifelong learning process comes with new responsibilities. We are required to make different decisions at different stages in life, and our university years are a stage in life where we can decide what our education will encompass. Is it just academic or both academic and self-development?

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” ― Warren Buffett

At IMU, we believe in the holistic growth of oneself. Student Counselling Services (SCS), formerly known as Self-Development Unit (SDU), functions as a unit to support and enhance your university experience in social, developmental, and academic aspects. We provide a range of services aimed at fostering resilience, positive relationships building, and a growth mindset.

Our Mission

Student Counselling Services (SCS) is committed to empowering students to reach their full potential. We offer a comprehensive approach to well-being, emphasizing the importance of building strengths, resilience, and maintaining a hopeful outlook on life.

Our Services

  • Resilience Building
    • Workshops and seminars on developing coping strategies and bouncing back from setbacks.
    • Individual and group counselling sessions focused on enhancing resilience.
  • Healthy Interpersonal Relationships and Growth Mindset
    • Programmes that encourage a growth mindset, helping students embrace challenges, learn from failures, and conflicts in relationships.
    • Resources and tools to foster effective communication and lifelong learning.
  • Self-Care and Wellness
    • Guidance on establishing and maintaining healthy routines.
    • Techniques for managing stress, including mindfulness and relaxation exercises.
  • Stress Management
    • Practical advice on balancing academic, personal, and social pressures.
    • Access to relaxation spaces and stress-relief activities.
  • Self-Motivation
    • Strategies to cultivate intrinsic motivation and set meaningful goals.
    • Support in overcoming procrastination and building productive habits.

Our Approach

Our team of trained mental health professionals is dedicated to creating a supportive and confidential environment where students can explore their concerns and aspirations. We work collaboratively with students to identify their strengths and develop personalized plans for growth and well-being.

  • Get Involved
    We encourage all students to take advantage of the resources and programs offered by SCS. Whether you are facing a specific challenge or simply looking to enhance your personal development, our services are designed to support you every step of the way.
  • Contact Us
    For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit our website or contact Student Counselling Services directly. We are here to help you thrive!

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