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Beyond the Four Walls of ICU

30 May 2024

As a paediatric nurse specialising in congenital heart diseases and surgeries, I have accumulated invaluable experience that positions me as a significant asset to the healthcare industry. However, when I transitioned to an administrative role, I realised that navigating through the non-clinical assignments such as policy drafting and reviewing, handling incident reports, cross-referencing accreditation standards, and conducting quality improvement presented a challenge to me. Not to mention the art that went behind the writing of emails. Surprisingly, I found these duties more daunting than caring for neonates after a major heart surgery.


The pain points were quickly overcome when I discovered the MBA in Healthcare Management (MBAHM) offered by IMU. Unlike other MBA courses, this programme was thoughtfully crafted to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry.


Guided by an excellent group of experts and educators, each module of MBAHM equipped me with the tools and frameworks to apply my clinical experiences to healthcare administration and operations. Besides obtaining a prestigious education, the programme became a powerful platform for career networking. I am proud to say that the connections I have made with hospital leaders, health entrepreneurs and academicians through this program have flourished into lifelong friendships.


Ultimately, I gained more than what I enrolled in when I knowingly walked away with a whole new attitude and personal attributes. The curriculum, course structures, and exercises provided by MBAHM nurtured the mental flexibility and fortitude needed to withstand healthcare’s contemporary and dynamic challenges. It enabled me to perceive disruptions in healthcare processes as opportunities for improvement and innovation.

After Completing MBA in Healthcare Management at IMU

Following the completion of MBAHM, I now lead the nursing council in the paediatric cardiac surgical ICU. In this role, I focus on feedback management, workflow improvement, mentoring new nurses, and promoting patient safety and employee engagement.


Additionally, I am involved in designing a nursing innovation programme that aims to provide a platform for nurses to showcase their scientific knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills while learning and exchanging best practices with each other.


While this programme has given me the key that takes me beyond the four walls of ICU and significantly contributes to my professional and personal growth, I am considering pursuing a PhD in Healthcare Management from IMU to further advance my career in teaching and consulting.


To my fellow present and future MBAHM colleagues in IMU, you are in the right place! The acquired knowledge is relevant in the global healthcare setting. I encourage you to leverage your resources, give your best in everything you do, and have faith in yourself and your aspirations.



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