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Gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics at IMU for a More Rewarding Career

22 Mar 2023

Endodontics deals in saving teeth and helps in maintaining natural teeth. This kind of extra training/course will give candidates not only knowledge, skills, and confidence in providing evidence-based Endodontic treatment of cases with different levels of difficulties but also better predictable clinical outcomes with improved and highest quality care.


At IMU, the Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics (PGDEndo) programme aims to train students in the understanding of pulpal and periapical pathophysiology, selection of appropriate dental materials/instruments, fundamental rationale of clinical techniques and management of failed Endodontic cases of moderate difficulty.  This programme is designed for full-time and part-time students with the respective flexible options. The programme includes 6 modules in 2 semesters (17 weeks each) with a total of 30 credit hours to be delivered over a period of 1 year. Duration of each module is approximately 6 weeks including 1-week of compulsory on-site activities in IMU School of Dentistry. For the clinical activities, students have the choice of treating patients at the IMU Oral Health Centre or in their own clinics.To facilitate smooth functioning and learning at IMU, the students would be assigned personal mentors to substantiate their academic pursuit.

Students’ Experience Studying Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics 
Ho Xianyi Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics is a great programme provided by IMU and a team of dedicated endodontist and related specialist. It served as a platform for any general dental practitioner who seek to further into this discipline. This programme provided all the necessary training and materials to enhance one clinical skills and experience in endodontics. I have now able to manage more difficult cases in my practices confidently. I am truly grateful to be part of this programme.
Hing Chia Chyi This Endodontics postgraduate diploma course brought me on a deep and educational journey of self-discovery, enabling me to build upon my endodontic knowledge in a meaningful way. Through its rigorous instruction, I was able to develop my skills and bolster my confidence in performing root canal treatments today.


I must express my gratitude to the instructors of the course, who demonstrated remarkable patience, detail-orientation, and expertise throughout the duration of the programme.


Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this fascinating and challenging field.

Lee Wan Jye The PGENDO course was indeed a good course. I had a wonderful experience pursuing it.


Firstly, it was engaging, insightful and informative. Lectures are interactive and we can freely ask questions. Besides, we have invaluable guidance from our professors too especially during clinical time.


Overall, my clinical skills and knowledge have been greatly enhanced. This will definitely benefit my career. Thank you to all my PGENDO lecturers.

Poh Li Fuan I had a wonderful time during the PGDEndo course. IMU has an excellent group of instructors, and all the course modules provide a comprehensive understanding of Endodontics. The most exceptional aspect of the programme is the opportunity to work closely with a microscope in every module, which enhances the level of practical experience. Thanks to this course, I have acquired valuable knowledge that has laid a solid foundation for my journey towards Endodontic specialisation. I am grateful to IMU and the entire PDGEndo team for conducting such an exceptional course.
Teong Shian Chea As an alumnus, I can confidently say that the course was an invaluable experience that has positively impacted my career as a dental surgeon.


The course curriculum was well-structured and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics from diagnosis and treatment planning to advanced endodontic techniques. The practical training sessions provided me with a deep understanding of the latest endodontic instruments and techniques and allowed me to develop practical skills that I could apply in my practice.


I was particularly impressed by the course instructors, who were not only experts in their field but also extremely approachable and supportive.


Overall, I would highly recommend this endodontic course to any dentist who is looking to expand their knowledge and skills in endodontics. It was an enriching experience that has truly helped me elevate my practice and provide better care to my patients. 

Ling Leh Min Despite having almost 10 years of experience, I found it very beneficial to keep up with the latest advancements in endodontics. The lecturers were all highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, continuously guiding us through every step and procedure. They ensured us that we could understand and practice the latest updated and evidence-based treatments in our own clinical settings.
Ashwin Rajah A/L Vikneswaran My overall experience has been great in the duration of this course! As I have a special interest in endodontics, I found this course to be very suitable for me as it can be done part time. They have a great teaching team, and the modules are complete with endodontic knowledge. Best part is that you will be working very closely with the microscope in every module, which will blow your mind! I have learnt so much from this course and I’m ready to apply the knowledge learnt in my daily practice. I thank IMU and the entire PGD Endo teaching team for conducting this phenomenal course well.  
Tan Yi Chong Overall, this course is well organised. I have learnt many things and felt my skills in endodontics improved a lot. Great and helpful lecturers constantly guiding us.
Dr Manpreet Kaur A/P Madham Singh This programme proved to be exactly what I needed to strengthen my foundation of root canals. I’ve  gained so much confidence in my clinical skills. Thank you to all IMU staff for always being so supportive and very much approachable when I had doubts. This programme comes highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their understanding of root canals to the next level.
Dr Wong Bi Wei  My aim was to conquer the fear of performing root canal treatments on molars. Through the comprehensive curriculum of PGD Endodontics, I can now (perform) carry out root canal treatments with more confidence. Besides that, all the lecturers are very helpful throughout the journey which makes the course enjoyable and beneficial.
Sruthi Krishna A/P Sathappan Subramaniam Firstly, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the faculty members for their efforts in putting together such an amazing and impactful programme. The lectures, assignments, and coursework were very well-organised. Moreover, the expectations for student learning were clearly outlined.

I have learned that it is important to have the right and strong fundamentals so that we can take on any challenging clinical cases with confidence. This programme has sparked a newfound passion for Endodontics within me.

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