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Healthy Cafe: Eating Healthily On Campus

08 Jun 2017

As part of its Wellness programme launched this year, IMU started an initiative to turn its cafeteria into a “Healthy Cafeteria”. This initiative is initiated by the University’s Division of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Whether it is for a snack, meal or light refreshment, there are always a wide range of healthy food options available with a large variety of vegetable dishes, specially cooked by our dedicated cooks.

There is also calorie labelling of foods sold in Pandan Serai café at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil. This is designed to assist those who wish to practise a healthier eating pattern determine which food is a better choice for them and to create more awareness on calorie of foods and healthier food choices. Besides this, smaller portions options are also available at this cafeteria. One thing for sure, the food at this cafeteria is less sweet, less salty and free from MSG and processed food, providing a much healthier option not only to staff and students of the University but also to IMU Healthcare’s patients.

This initiative led to the award of Kafeteria Sihat” (Healthy Cafeteria) by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Besides this, the cafeteria is also awarded “MyBeSS” awards. The same cafeteria also received “Category “A” rating for Cleanliness (Kebersihan Terbaik) from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, the highest attainable grade and endorses the Pandan Serai for its commitment to cleanliness and the F&B operators for maintaining high standards of hygiene practice in managing the food and beverages. One of the stalls at IMU Cafeteria receiving the Grade A certificationSigning of Plague for IMU Cafeteria AwardsOne of the stalls at IMU Cafeteria receiving the Grade A certification A “Healthy Cafeteria” is one that prepares healthy menu, displays food information, adheres to the food safety and quality standards, actively promote healthy eating, has HALAL certification, follows GMP principles, does not sell cigarettes and is a non-smoking area. This initiative is initiated to promote healthy eating, which is essential to our health and well-being. Yet, due to our busy work life, study life and time constraints, the majority of Malaysians are eating out in cafeterias, restaurants and other eateries where unhealthy, unclean and unsafe food is one of the factors that prevent people from practising healthy eating. As a result, the establishment of a Healthy Cafeteria is a one of the initiatives that can help provide an environment to support and encourage the public to practice healthy eating habits. Related story: IMU Counters Sedentary Workforce with Corporate Wellness Initiatives IMU’s Pandan Serai Café Wins Award

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