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My Life as a Chiropractic Clinician in Sabah

13 Oct 2015

Teo Kah Jun started his journey in chiropractic when he joined International Medical University (IMU) in 2010 and graduated with his chiropractic degree in 2014. At this graduation, he was awarded the Tun Zahir Merit Award for being the top student in the Dean’s list. Chiro 1 After his graduation, he returned to his hometown, Sabah and started working at one of the existing chiropractic centres in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. At this clinic, he works under a team of chiropractors who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems and neurological conditions. Chiropractic care at this clinic emphasises prevention, maintenance, rehabilitation, and healthy lifestyle education. The team at this clinic believes passive care is not the only treatment that we can provide to our valued patients. The team also emphasises on patient education, patient self-directed active care and self-awareness for healthy lifestyle. Chiro 2 “I have been practicing what I learnt from IMU and provide extensive options of chiropractic care in our centre which included joint and spinal manipulation and mobilisations, therapeutic modalities, myofascial techniques, exercises and activity therapies. Patients also received a variety of useful dietary, posture and ergonomic advice from the clinician. As a primary musculoskeletal clinician, I provide care for many family members, scoliosis teenagers, the elderly, sportsmen and athletes. Besides that, I have also cooperated with the football team, MMA and badminton team to organise talks and health screening events that truly benefits them and teach them how to maximise their performance and prevent injury. Since then, I have been treating a few Sabah state football players.” Chiro 4 Kah Jun choose to study chiropractic in IMU because he believes that the Chiropractic Division at IMU provides an education with first class techniques, detailed information and advanced chiropractic skills. While studying his degree in IMU, he also learnt communication skills, working in a team and how to become a healthcare professional that serves well to our society. Since IMU is the only University in South East Asia offering the chiropractic programme and also an integrated medical school, Kah Jun and his fellow chiropractic students were able to learn and work with other healthcare professionals and this provided them with a good network. “The schedule at IMU is always busy, in the years of the programme, I learnt how to properly manage my time efficiently. To achieve a good grade in IMU is not bed of roses but I managed to graduate with First Class Honours and have been awarded with Merit Award in 2014. I believe that, time and stress management is only the key to survive through the journey in IMU but I truly enjoyed every moment back in IMU.”

“Good ethics and attitude are also the key for better healthcare, our skills need to be sharpened as well as our ethics and moral values. Social media and network nowadays are spreading widely, and there are always cases of patients’ confidentiality happening in our region. I believe confidentiality is one of the important aspects of medical practice. It requires healthcare providers to keep a patient’s personal health information private unless consent is given by the patient. Hence, it is important for patients’ records and files to be properly recorded, managed and stored for future reference.”

“Graduating from IMU does not stop us (IMU Alumni) from learning, we are still learning from experience, cases, seminar and conferences. Therefore, I truly support all the alumni who wish to participate in continuing professional education and continue to provide the latest evidence based practice in our country. In the near future, I intend to continue sharpenning my skills and shape myself to become a better chiropractic clinician.”

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