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Vietnamese Student’s Unforgettable Experience Studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at IMU

09 Jun 2022

My name is Vu Dinh Duong (third from left in the photo above) and I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia in 2018 and is currently back in Hanoi, helping with my family’s business in distributing vaccines.


Thinking back to early 2014 when I had just finished my pre-University course, I didn’t know where I am going to apply to study my bachelor’s degree. As I was browsing the internet, IMU quickly caught my attention because of its well-known reputation, and I decided to pay the university a visit. The university is in such a lovely area and the campus is beautiful. It has pretty much everything you would need on campus and has good transport links like buses and trains.


I haven’t had much experience with the student support services but I’ve heard from friends that they’re pretty good. From Day 1, I have always received a warm welcome from the staff. However, the thing that makes IMU stand out from all other universities in my mind is its facilities and equipment. The resources that they had back then were top-notch, even to this day. Everything I see and feel on campus greatly consolidates my decision when I apply to IMU.


My time at IMU taught me innumerable lessons. As much as I learnt what the classroom had taught me, I learned just as much in-between classes – how I spent my time studying, hanging out with friends, volunteering, working on and off the field. IMU taught me invaluable life skills that will stay with me forever. For example, dealing with tight deadlines, working cohesively as a team, and embracing new challenges.



Throughout the whole course I was provided with many chances to venture out and see the real world with my own eyes. Like the time when I had a field trip to CCM Pharmaceuticals or the Wangsa Maju water treatment plant. The school encourages us to participate in outdoor activities a lot through means of sport or volunteering. By participating in such activities, I was provided with an opportunity to improve personal health and an opportunity to relax, hang out with friends and expand social networks.


My education in IMU had well equipped me with both knowledge and interpersonal skills. I think the university has prepared me for a lot of scenarios where I can sharpen my soft skills. Such valuable lessons definitely helped in building me to who I am today. In addition, being an IMU’s student comes with a great advantage since the university has a wide connection with many manufacturing sites, corporations and organisations in science and medical fields. It significantly boosts my chance of getting accepted for employment. My days as a student are unforgettable and in fact those days are the happiest and fruitful days in my life. I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my university life.


Being an IMU graduate makes me feel proud. My experience in IMU was just amazing. I got infinite lessons from my teachers. They made me “Work Hard” for the way to success. I miss those days at IMU a lot. Just want to say thanks to the wonderful faculty of IMU. I’m happy to have studied there and I would never regret my decision.


Eric Vu Dinh Duong (fifth from left) at his Convocation Ceremony in 2018


Written By: Eric Vu Dinh Duong (PC115) from Hanoi, Vietnam

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