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David Ong’s Journey to Becoming a Pharmacist and Entrepreneur

30 Nov 2023

“When I chose to study Pharmacy at IMU, I was drawn to its outstanding academic reputation, innovative teaching methods, and focus on lifelong learning. Throughout my degree, I gained a deep understanding of pharmacology, drug therapy, patient care, and medication management. I also developed strong communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential for building relationships with patients and healthcare professionals.

IMU’s unique teaching methods had a profound impact on my learning. For example, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) taught me to think critically and solve problems collaboratively. Industrial/clinical visits gave me a firsthand glimpse of the pharmacy profession in various settings. Practical sessions allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a hands-on environment. And Pharmacy Skill Development (PSD) using simulated patients helped me to hone my communication and counselling skills.

In addition to the core curriculum, I had the exceptional opportunity to conduct research in a world-class lab in Australia, collaborating with prestigious institutions such as the University of Newcastle (UoN)/Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and the Graduate School of Health, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). My research projects focused on assessing the potential of quercetin-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles in the treatment of asthma.

This experience broadened my academic horizons, instilled in me the importance of resilience and learning from mistakes, and ignited my passion for innovation in the healthcare industry.”


This is how David Ong describe his IMU journey. His journey in healthcare began with his passion for making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. After graduating from the International Medical University (IMU), he worked as a pharmacist in various healthcare settings, honing his expertise in medication management and patient care. He also developed a deep understanding of the crucial role of pharmacists in the healthcare ecosystem.


Driven by a desire to expand his horizons, David transitioned into the role of a Medical Science Liaison and Pharmacovigilance Officer. In this role, he works closely with medical experts to develop and disseminate valuable medical content, advocating for the safe and effective use of medications. He also maintains a pharmacovigilance system for monitoring adverse events, emphasizing the importance of safety and compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

David’s passion for innovation and his desire to make a broader impact on the healthcare landscape led him to embark on a new journey as an entrepreneur in the health tech industry. He co-founded Dear Kyra, a digital health startup that develops and commercializes innovative digital solutions to improve the efficiency and accessibility of women’s healthcare services.

The pinnacle of his journey materialised when Dear Kyra and IMU forged a strategic collaboration, signifying a remarkable milestone in advancing the healthcare industry.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signified their joint commitment to innovation, education, and community engagement in the realm of digital health, laying the groundwork for a transformative impact on the well-being of our community.

About David Ong

David is a Registered Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Board Malaysia, with extensive years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Currently, he serves as a Medical Science Liaison and Pharmacovigilance officer for a HealthTech company – South East Asia’s fastest growing Medical Education and Knowledge sharing platform, exclusively for Doctors. He is also the co-founder of a Dear Kyra – Malaysia’s First Women’s Telehealth platform best known for making sexual and reproductive healthcare service more accessible.


David is a pioneer in the FemTech Industry in Malaysia and a committee member in the Femtech Association Asia. He was selected as one of the 70 participants from a pool of 1,400 young Malaysians to join a 1.5-year – young CEO leadership development programme under Axiata Foundation. He was also recognised for his exceptional work as the most promising startup in the Penang Accelerator Programme 2022. Furthermore, he emerged as one of the finalists among 232 startups in the Selangor Accelerator Programme Cohort 6.

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