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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumna Excels in Research

28 May 2018

An IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumna, Mak Kit-Kay published her research in three journals in the first quarter of 2018.

Kit-Kay commented, “I am very pleased to share how IMU BSc (Hon) Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme enabled me to excel in research. Truthfully, I did not realise that this degree has imparted in me a very strong foundation in interdisciplinary sciences. I only realised this when I saw these papers getting published.”

Nanoscale (one of the highest impact factor publication by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK) (Impact factor 7.36; DOI:  Kit-Kay worked with a team of experts in nanotechnology in a Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) project funded by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. This paper highlights the new technologies to overcome the existing pitfalls in the treatment of skin infections. She believes that this paper would be an excellent educational resource for students, researchers and product innovators in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
International Journal of Food Science and Technology (Q1 journal published by Taylors & Francis, under the categories of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering and Food Science) (Impact factor 1.64; DOI: The research paper provides a simple yet effective solution to overcome the problem with storage of blueberries. Everyone knows about health benefits of blueberries and how perishable they are. This paper highlights a simple technique to store blueberry juice and this technique does not require scientific expertise and can be practised in every home.
Acta Scientific Pharmaceutical Sciences ( The paper gives a solid understanding of the effective treatment options available for people with cervical cancer. This paper is freely downloadable and provides comprehensive information on evidence-based chemotherapy options for recurrent cervical cancer.

“As a very young researcher, it is a very fulfilling experience to achieve the above said accomplishments, which might not be possible without having a solid foundation in science that is planted in me by IMU BSc Hons Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme. Occasionally during my studies, I was puzzled to know why I am learning diverse subjects such as Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology apart from the core specialities in chemistry. Now, I got the answers to this.”

“It is important to start your career right, and I am glad I did mine with IMU BSc (Hon) Pharmaceutical Chemistry Programme. It prepared me holistically and I can transition smoothly to doing what I want to do. There are lots of highlights in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Programme that opens doors to broader career choices. When you feel like you’re on the road going nowhere, take a moment to think of who you wish to be and shatter those mental limits that you put yourselves in. Because truly, you can be what you want to be – even if it means it’s something that doesn’t exist yet.”

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