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Developing Patient Centred Interactions and Communication Skills

28 Mar 2020

IMU School of Dentistry and the IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL) has been organising a two-day course entitled “Dentist Patient Interaction and Communication Skills Workshop” at IMU’s campus in Bukit Jalil twice a year for the past six years. This course includes lectures, discussions on history taking, explaining special tests, diagnosis and prognosis, discussing treatment options and treatment planning, consent taking, breaking bad news and handling complaints. Very importantly, the workshop also included practice OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) stations as well as a Mock OSCE depicting a wide array of clinical scenarios along with detailed discussions about each station with individual feedback to all candidates on their performance. Its focuses on helping participants develop patient centred interactions and communication skills that will aid them in their practice and in preparing for the MFDS Part II Examination. Over the years, this course has attracted participants working in government clinics, private clinics and practitioners from overseas like India and Myanmar and saw the involvement of lecturers from the School of Dentistry (Dr Shekhar Bhatia, Dr Naveen Jnanendrappa, Dr Swarna Yerebairapura Math) and other facilitators from different specialties in this workshop. This year, the course was held on 22-23 February 2020 and participants were extremely satisfied with the conduct of the course and felt more confident and clearer on how to prepare for the MFDS Part II Examination.

Comments on the Overall Quality of this Workshop
Kudos to the team!
Well organised =)
Excellent, conducted very well
Very well organised and helpful. Lecturers are very knowledgeable and hall is very comfortable as well. Well done!
I learnt a lot during this workshop. Before that, I have many doubts on which is the correct way of practicing. After this workshop, it gives me a clearer picture on what it is going to be in the real Part 2 exam. Not to mention, the speakers are all excellent and very helpful. Thank you.
This workshop is beneficial and mind-opening. It has helped and guided me to the correct path as to how I would prepare the exam. I was able to find out where my weakness are and improve on them.
Overall the workshop helps a lot in preparing for the MFDS Part 2 exam. It has given us a great boost of confidence in patient communication and patient care, not only prepare us for exam but for our daily practice too. Thank you so much.
Excellent, definitely will recommend to my friends who going for MFDS Part 2 exam in future.
Good workshop. Very informative. Would be more great if would inform about recent UK guidelines as that the main exam. Rest, Amazing!
Very good, flow and programme very systematic. Helps a lot in preparation for upcoming exam. Lecturers very helpful.

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A workshop for dentists to develop patient centred interactions and communication skills that will aid them in their practice and in preparing for the MFDS Part II Examination.

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