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From a Passion in Nursing to Empowering Children and Adolescents in Diabetes Education

24 Sep 2020

It is very rare for us to recognise some of our  very talented nurses. This time we are honoured to feature another of our Nursing lecturer, in the Nursing Division of IMU– Chow Suh Hing, who is also a Diabetes Nurse Educator. Chow obtained her Masters in Nursing from Monash University in Australia (2011) and Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at University of South Wales, UK (2015). She also has vast clinical experiences in Critical Care Nursing. She joined IMU as a Clinical Preceptor in 2008, before moving on to be a Nursing lecturer and is currently the Clinical Coordinator for the Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) programme. Chow’s specialty does not end at the lecture hall with nursing students in the campus. With her unique specialty and her passion to educate more people with diabetes, she provides her services at the Paediatric Clinic, Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar Seremban. “My role is to support and empower the children and adolescents with diabetes, with the necessary knowledge and skills in diabetes self-management, so that they can cope and live a normal life, just like any of us.” Chow further expressed her passion in teaching and serving the community despite her multiple roles and commitments. “Providing diabetes self-management education for children are entirely different from teaching undergraduate students in the campus. Thus, it is very challenging, and yet very satisfying.”

Other than her role as a Nursing faculty and Diabetes Educator, she is also involved in the research supervision of undergraduate students. Her area of interest in research includes diabetes care, critical care and clinical experiential learning. Chow has presented her research work in various conferences and is currently a member of the working committee for the revision of MDES (Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society) Diabetes Education Manual (2nd edition). She obtained several accolades during her Nursing education and services including a Distinction in the Malaysia Nursing Board Licensure Examination, a Distinction in the Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes and a 2nd prize award for her research poster presentation in 2017. Chow is also a certified Basic Life Support Instructor where she is actively involved in conducting training for students as well as the healthcare staff at IMU. She is also always passionate about teaching and learning. Reminiscing through her Nursing journey so far, Chow was able to connect the dots of her life throughout her nursing journey. Being a nurse  has been Chow’s ambition from a very young age since she was in school. This is partly due to the great influence from her active participation in the Malaysian Red Crescent Society where she had the opportunity to represent the country for a student mobility programme at the 7th Asia & Pacific Red Cross Youth Gathering, Thailand. Her enthusiasm in helping people and serving others are her main attributes towards being a great nurse practitioner.

“I have a strong feeling that nursing is a ‘calling’ for me to serve, educate and care for people who are sick and in need of a pair of hands or ears in their journey towards recovery.” As our nation moves forward, Chow encourages all the millennials nurses to upgrade themselves and learn continuously in their daily practices. “Nursing knowledge and medical technologies are changing everyday thus millennials must keep up-to-date, stay positive in facing various challenges in their nursing life, uphold professionalism and most importantly, continue to demonstrate the core element of nursing, which is caring, at all times.”

As a mentor to nursing students, she always gives them endless moral support. “Being a nurse is a wonderful life experience and exciting career that no money can buy that precious unique job satisfaction. Nursing has also equipped me to be a better human being for my family and for the society.”

Her eyes sparkle when she talks about how blessed she is being a nurse cum Diabetes Educator, and she will continue to spare no effort in educating more nurses and patients. “Stay focused, never give up, be positive and relentless in achieving your dreams. Be kind, work smart and learn something new every day.” These are her values in life- personally and professionally. We are proud of Chow’s achievements and contributions.  It is hoped that she will continue to inspire more younger nurses to upscale themselves into finding their area of specialty.

Interviewed by Ms Yee BitLian and edited by Dr Lim Swee Geok

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