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Discovering Biotechnology in Our Daily Life

09 Jul 2024

Application of biotechnology has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives to enrich our experiences and enhance our well-being. From food and drinks such as bread, yogurt and kombucha, to household cleaning detergent, biological pest control, biodegradable plastic, or in supporting sustainability such as biofuels, to clinical diagnostics, therapeutics and disease prevention, biotechnology is the driving force for innovation to improve our health and safeguard our planet.


On 15 May 2024, the Medical Biotechnology Day brought biotechnology closer to home under the theme, “Biotechnology in Daily Life,” with the aim to create awareness on the universal applications of biotechnology. The event organising team was led by Medical Biotechnology students from the MB122 cohort assisted by MB123 cohort, under the guidance of Ts Dr Tan Boon Hooi and Dr Lim Wui Zhuan.


This event attracted around 90 participants, including IMU staff and students, secondary school students from SM Sains Selangor accompanied by their teacher, and visitors from the Klang Valley.

Throughout the event, participants were actively engaged in interesting hands-on activities, including viewing live cells and observing different types of Gram-stained bacteria under the microscope, making do-it-yourself algae beads, trying out an electrophoresis simulation, as well as assuming the role of a ‘crime scene investigator’ in identifying blood stains and examining markings under ultraviolet (UV) light.

Participants also had fun playing ‘Symptoms Shuffle’ and ‘BioGuess’ games, both which were related to biotechnology.


Additionally, there were intriguing talks by invited speakers from biotechnology-related industries.

Invited Speakers

Ms Jeannette Lai
Mr Jay Padasian

Managing Director of Greencom Nanotech
Principal of NuDawn Bio Resources

In her talk, Ms Jeannette shared her journey from the perspective of a biotechnology graduate, transforming from working in lab to managing director in a biotechnology-based company. She also enlightened the audience with the current trends of biotechnology industry in both regional and global markets, while introducing the vast opportunities awaiting biotechnology graduates.


On the other hand, Mr Jay Padasian shared a snapshot of Malaysia’s bio-based economic sectors where biotechnology plays a major role in their growth, from the innovative and cutting-edge technologies in both agriculture and healthcare.

One highlight of the event was the TikTok Video Competition, in which participants showcased their creativity and knowledge in introducing the application of biotechnology in daily life within 2 minutes. A total of 34 entries were received from the IMU Foundation of Science students. The TikTok videos were judged on the content originality, relevance towards the theme, content accuracy, organisation and the quality of the videos. The winning teams were announced during the event and walked away with prizes totalling up to RM700.

TikTok Video Competition Winners


Winning Team

Title of TikTok Video

First Prize

Goh Yan Qi
Sia Shu Ern
Lim Yuan Hui
Yee Ling Xin
Khoo Jay Yee

Easy Way to Bring Back Your Plants Alive

Second Prize

Chew Kah Keng
Chow Soon Yi
Grace Ng Pei Le
Sharannya A/P Siva Kumar

From Eggshells to Ceramics: Crafting Biomaterials

Third Prize

Chai Yong Wen
Lavern Leong Jo Ern
Tan Kai Sze
Gursheetal Kaur Sidhu
Tan Su Kee

The Biotech Behind Bread’s Rise


Fatema Shajeed Patel
Melissa Chen Sze Ling
Lai Yian Ning
Teng Ming Xi
Leow Yi Xing

Make Orange Peel Enzyme Cleaner with Us


Emilee Kang Yi Suen
Leong Jing Min
Lee Kai En
Ang Ming Yu

Tempeh Time – Watch How It’s Done

Honorable Mention

Darryl Ng Wai Meng
Avheenaash A/L Sasidharan
Ng Jie Le
Shree Varssan A/L Manisekar

Is He Mine?

“Organising the MB Day 2024 has provided a great learning opportunity to MB122 and MB123 students in enhancing their transferable skills such as communication, leadership, time-management, and teamwork. Besides, they also improve their cognitive and laboratory skills in demonstration of hands-on activities and sharing the underlying concepts to the participants.” – Dr Tan Boon Hooi, Advisor


“MB Day 2024 was a great success and I’m happy that participants enjoyed this event. Being the President of the Organising Committee, I have learnt how to organise and manage an event. I hope next year MB Day can attract more participants and achieve even greater success.” – Ng Wei Jie (MB122), President


” Being a part of the main organising committee of MB Day 2024 was definitely a memorable experience. I am grateful to everyone who guided us throughout and assisted us. I have definitely improved as a team player, gained confidence, and learned lots of new skills on event management.” – Evashiniee (MB122), Secretary


“MB Day 2024 was truly an exquisite experience to all participants. It has delivered the message that medical biotechnology has a significant impact not only in healthcare, but also in our daily lives. As one of the medical biotechnology students in IMU University, I am honoured to be part of the team to make MB Day 2024 a success. I am grateful to work with my peers and seniors who have inspired me and aided me in improving my event management skills.” – Ng Mei Zhe (MB123), Vice President

Written by Dr Tan Boon Hooi

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