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Embracing Wellness During Mental Health Awareness Month

10 Jul 2024

Mental Health Awareness Month, a practice that began in the United States in the year 1949 has now become a tradition for many around the world over the decades. Despite the many consequences that are known to come with the neglect of mental health, many individuals continue to do so, consciously and unconsciously due to the presence and urgency of their other priorities.


Whether it is the overwhelming number of assignments or a person’s inability to manage their time wisely, this inevitably contributes to the deterioration of their mental health that if not taken seriously, could potentially develop into a disorder.  This proves exactly how crucial it is for individuals to be well-educated and reminded regularly not only about the dangers of engaging in activities that could harm them but also about the noteworthiness of maintaining good mental health. It would in turn encourage them to take the necessary steps to avoid the repetition of such negligence.


On 8 May 2024, the IMU Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) students from cohort MC1/23 organised their very first event in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month. The objective was to remind others of the significance of embracing wellness for its strength and importance, especially from a cognitive and mental standpoint.

Three Booths Set Up for This 1-day Event

First Booth

The first booth provided mental health screening. Those who visited the booth were given the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, better known as DASS-21 which gauges the individual’s current depression, anxiety and stress levels. The MCP student then aided the individual by giving them a listening ear and providing them with insight and methods of regulating their respective emotions depending on their results.

Second Booth

The next booth focuses on stress and the multiple ways of managing it efficiently. Seeing that poor stress regulation can lead to mental breakdowns and ultimately the detriment of an individual, it is vital that they acquire and implement adequate coping mechanisms for managing stress.


Individuals who visited the booth were invited to use the DIY stress balls made by the MCP students and leave a note stating how they effectively regulate their stress levels, where some preferred to watch movies and get drinks from Tealive.

Other individuals chose to use the unused balloons to carry out an activity where they would write their worries and stressful thoughts on a balloon before blowing it up and releasing the air inside afterwards. This symbolised the act of letting go of the stresses they were facing at the time, bringing them to a more relaxed state afterwards.

Third Booth

The final booth gravitated more towards showing kindness to oneself. Many individuals tend to focus on others to the point of self-neglection and this booth acted as a reminder that as selfless as one can be, it is still of the utmost importance that they love and care for themselves as well.


At this booth, individuals wrote caring and motivational notes in exchange for the ones that were already written by others before them. This booth not only functioned as a vessel for the exchange of encouraging messages but also showed that there are always other individuals who care and relate to your struggles, no matter how bizarre or challenging they may be.

All in all, the successful event came to its conclusion at 4 pm. Based on the number of individuals who participated in the activities planned throughout the day, it is safe to say that the cohort’s efforts of spreading awareness about such an overlooked and underappreciated topic were not in vain. Their initiatives to establish and preserve a healthier community will yield substantial benefits in the forthcoming years.


Written by Aaron Adam Danker

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