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Educators Meet in IMU for Quality Improvement

22 May 2015

The International Medical University (IMU) has always placed the concept of a quality education on all its programmes. This has been ingrained in the philosophy of IMU since it started as International Medical College (IMC) in 1992. The quality of the education offered is systematically assured by means of internal evaluations and external, independent quality control. AC Meeting 2015 (67)AC Meeting 2015 (143)AC2015-KluangHospital (26) One of the internal quality control systems implemented is a consultative body for its medical and dentistry programmes, the Academic Council (AC). This is an integral part of the growth, direction and performance of the University since 1993. The Council meets annually and comprises Deans or their representatives from all Partner Medical Schools (PMS) and Partner Dental Schools (PDS) who also serve as contact persons between IMU and the Partner Schools. This Council is truly a unique opportunity for like-minded educators from various parts of the world to meet and discuss relevant issues. AA-PDS 2015 Currently, the Chairman of the Academic Council is Dr Chris Stephens, Associate Dean (Education & Student Experience) in the Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton. Other AC representatives include deans and professors from IMU’s world-renowned Partner Universities such as the University of Otago, University of Adelaide, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, St George’s University of London, Dalhousie University, National University of Ireland and Sidney Kimmel Medical College. The Council casts a rigorously critical eye over many issues such as the curriculum, delivery, assessment and research. The Council also meets faculty and students. They will make their recommendations and the implementation of these recommendations will be reviewed at the following AC meeting. The IMU takes the Council’s advice seriously as quality is of utmost importance to the University. AC_Golf2015 (19)AC2015-KluangHospital (113)AC 2015-Day2 (109) This year, the Academic Council was from 20 – 21 April 2015. The meeting for Partner Dental Schools (PDS) commenced concurrently on 20 April 2015. A pre-AC programme has also been arranged on Sunday, 19 April 2015 for some of the Partner Medical Schools (PMS) representatives to visit Kluang Hospital to see the implementation of Clinical Integration for Semester 5 medical students. There was an open forum entitled “Assessment on Professionalism” on the first day of AC. Several social events are also organised to welcome the AC members.

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