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Getting Closer to Nature with the IMU ECO Friends Club

21 May 2015

EF6 25 April, 2015 – A total of 74 International Medical University (IMU) students took part in a cycling event in Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam. This event, which was organised by IMU ECO Friends Club began with a short briefing by the president of the Club. Participants were being divided into 5 groups and each group was led by a group leader. Later on, participants started to cycle along the route given. Along the route, they were able to visit Taman Haiwan and had a close interaction with animals such as parrot, horse, rabbit, deer and etc. EF4 They then passed by Taman Orkid and headed to the Empangan Air Kuning. Participants were given time to rest at the Empangan Air Kuning while having the chance to enjoy the lush green scenery. Before leaving, we took a group photo to capture the precious moment. Finally, participants headed back to the starting point and had light refreshments at the canteen. From this event, we had a chance to get closer to nature. It raises the awareness of appreciating our Mother Nature and also to save the Earth’s natural resources such as petrol. Cycling actually provides an alternative option for people to travel for a short distance instead of driving which uses petrol as the fuel. By reducing the usage of petrol, it can reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment from pollution. Apart from that, this cycling event also promotes healthy lifestyle among IMU students. The students have the chance to exercise, which helps in relieving stress and build up their stamina. EF2 As this event which involved IMU students from various cohorts, students from the same cohort as well as different cohorts are able to interact with each other. They can strengthen the bond with their friends and know more about each other. As the route is challenging because it involves many steep slopes and winding roads, participants build up their teamwork by encouraging and helping each other to get through each obstacle. At last, participants get the opportunity to see the water reservoir and are able to understand that the water cleansing process is costly. It is important to raise the awareness of conserving water in daily life to avoid water pollution which eventually leads to water crisis. EF3 We are proud of all IMU students who participated in this event as they did not leave any rubbish behind and being very cooperative throughout the event. Generally, participants are satisfied with the event and they would like to have another cycling event in future. It is indeed a successful event being organised as our objectives had been achieved. EF 1    

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