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Enlightening Talk on Medical Humanitarian Missions During Disasters

22 Oct 2018

5 September 2018 – Mind Matters Club, in collaboration with IMU Cares organised a talk on Medical Humanitarian Missions During Disaster for IMU students. The event was held to spread awareness and to provide opportunities for the students to serve in disaster zones for medical relief. IMU CARES Held at the John Bosco Lecture Theatre (JBLT) from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, the event provided a platform for students to familiarise themselves with the requirements for volunteer work in relief missions. Response to this talk was encouraging with about 40 attendees including lecturers and Club Advisor, Prof Philip George. The event began with a short opening speech by the emcee, Muhammad Navid who was the former Vice-President of Mind Matters Club. Prof Philip George was then invited to give an introductory speech to welcome the speakers who were from Blue Sky Rescue Malaysia (BSRM). Subsequently, came the highlight of the event which was a presentation on “Opportunities to Serve in Disaster Zones for Medical Relief” by Dr Cornelius who was the Head of Medic in BSRM, followed by Ames Tan, Head of Deployment BSRM and Eddie Yong, Head of Logistics BSRM. The students were given a general overview of medical relief in disaster zones and the requirements needed to equip oneself with, in such opportunities. At the end of the presentation, students were encouraged to be actively engaged in this kind of voluntary services and subsequently, membership forms were distributed to the attendees. The event ended at 1.30 pm with a short appreciation speech by the emcee for the presentation and to Prof Philip for heading the event.

Overall, the event ended on a good note with the hope that the message from the presentation was brought across to the students for them to reflect and turn into action.

Written by Melissa Lum, Secretary, IMU Mind Matters Club

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