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Muhamad Faizzuddin Razali passed his SPM in 2011 with flying colours (9As) and received an offer to continue his higher education in the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, (MBBS) in Jordan. Unfortunately, he was unable to proceed due to unforeseen circumstances. Following this, he returned to Malaysia and decided to join the IMU Foundation in Science programme’s inaugural cohort in January 2014. Throughout, the foundation studies, IMU had provided him with multidisciplinary exposure in its teaching and learning activities such as classroom teaching, group discussions and lab work. During his foundation studies, Faizzuddin was very determined and frequently motivates his other friends to study effectively. In addition, Faizzuddin and the other students in this cohort were given the opportunity to observe some of the learning activities from different undergraduate programmes, including Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractic, Nutrition and Dietetics and many others in the middle of their second semester. Upon completion of his foundation studies in December 2014, he received an offer to pursue his studies in the University’s Chiropractic programme in February 2015 and was thankful that he did not have to wait too long for his undergraduate studies.

Faizzuddin feels that, throughout his studies at IMU, the University environment had nurtured him to become a great leader. Sports and societies in IMU play an important role in shaping and training his leadership skills through the University’s own core values, TRUST. Trustworthiness, Responsiveness, Unity, Service and Tenacity. During his University days, he served as President for Muslim Society (MSOC) in 2016/2017. He was also a member of the Malay Cultural Society (MCS). He participated in different types of sports for the IMU CUP including Touch Rugby, Swimming, Football, Futsal, Dodgeball and many more from 2016-2019. He proved to be a team player in all sports that he joined.

During his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, reading, and swimming. Driven by his passion for cooking, he worked at IMU’s Pandan Serai Café as a cook. During his semester breaks, he will work and serve people in IMU with a delicious traditional Kelantanese Cuisine, Nasi Kerabu.

Upon completion of his studies at IMU in 2019, Faizzuddin received an offer from the then Head of Complementary Centre, Prof Michael Hanline, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Prof Peter Pook to continue his postgraduate studies while practicing as a Chiropractor in the IMU Healthcare‘s Chiropractic Clinic as well as taking on the role of a junior lecturer. Prior joining IMU, he worked in Craft Co-Wellness Center as a part-time staff. Faizzuddin is currently appointed as a lecturer in the Chiropractic Division at IMU. He is also a practicing Chiropractor at the IMU Healthcare’s Chiropractic Centre. His professional interests focus on chiropractic care, neuroscience and people with physical disabilities. Currently pursuing his MSc in Medical and Health Sciences at IMU, he is conducting a research project on “Relationship of Biopsychosocial Factors between Functional Recovery Plateau among Post-Stroke Patients”. Apart from that, he was recently appointed as a member of the Beautiful Gait Foundation project where he and his team will be working with people with disabilities. He enjoys his contribution towards society and wish to continuously contribute to the society based on his expertise. He also serves as a Practicing Member for Association of Chiropractic Malaysia, (ACM) as well as a registered Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practitioner (No: P0550/2019).

In the future, he wants to become a good chiropractic scientist in Neuroscience as well as become a research fellow in Chiropractic worldwide.

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