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Health Assessment and Screening at Malaysian Association of Blind

08 Apr 2016

26 March 2016 – A second follow-up visit for 2016 under the IMU Cares Malaysian Association of Blind (MAB) Project was successfully conducted at the MAB Kompleks at Brickfields. The project is led by IMU‘s School of Dentistry in collaboration with its Division of Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D), School of Health Sciences and Division of Human Biology, School of Medicine. Various activities were carried out simultaneously by students and staff of these three Schools at different booths on that day. MAB2mab8mab7 Fifteen  Dentistry students from Semesters 7, 5 and 3, a faculty member and three staff participated in the dental-related activities. These include screening for dental diseases, one-on-one oral hygiene instructions and hands-on training. mab5 Service learning is part of the curriculum for Semester 7 students under the Community Oral Health – 2 Module. At this community project, the Semester 7 Dentistry students provided a short training to their juniors on how to communicate with visually impaired patients. Such an activity is a good example of peer assisted learning. maB4 Represented by a team of faculty and students from Semesters 4 and 6, the N&D team assessed the MAB participants’ nutrition status using anthropometric measurements and dietary assessment. This was then followed by a one-on-one diet counselling session to provide nutrition education tailored to the MAB participant’s individual nutrition concerns. At the same event, the faculty and staff from School of Medicine provided health screening and counselling to the MAB participants. A faculty member from School of Pharmacy also joined the team as an observer to identify opportunities for future collaboration. MAB1

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