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IMU Biomedical Science Alumnus Furthers her Studies to Postgraduate Level

17 Oct 2014

Ashwinder Kaur A/P Amar Singh started studying the biomedical science programme at International Medical University (IMU) in 2010 and graduated in 2013. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD at University of Nottingham Malaysia. Here, she relates about her experience in IMU.

“I chose to study in IMU as the University is known as one of the most established private medical and healthcare universities in Malaysia. I was convinced to pursue my studies in IMU for its international standard curriculum and also for having highly experienced academic staff to train and develop their students. I decided to study Biomedical Science because of my interest in human biology and science. I am very curious to learn on how the human body works and the mechanism of disease. Not only that, the complexity of biology made a prompt desire in me to know more and understand it.”

“Throughout my studies in IMU, I have been able to enhance my analytical ability and knowledge in scientific research. I discovered my passion towards conducting research during my final year project and internship. I was also introduced to scientific writing and communication skills and had the opportunity to present my final year project in a seminar.”

4 In May 2013, Ashwinder made the University proud by winning the Best Oral Presentation at the 24th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar. The presentation was on her final year project and are part of the 17 oral presentations and 45 poster presentations at this seminar. The winning presentation by Ashwinder Kaur was titled “Virtual Screening of Chemical Compounds on Heat Shock Protein 70 in Toxoplasma Gondii”.

“Studying in IMU has prepared me to work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines. I acquired laboratory techniques from the practical classes and internship, computational skills through my final year project, project management and organisational skills through problem based learning, workshops and social activities, oral and written communication skills through report writing, manuscript and presentations.”

“As part of carrying out my research project now, I am assigned to give tutorials and be involved in laboratory demonstration to undergraduate students. With the skills I have acquired from IMU, it certainly will help me to cope with my workload and carry out my duties well.” “Taking a look back at my degree in IMU, I had a wonderful time completing my studies. It has provided me a good foundation to undertake postgraduate studies. I am grateful to my lecturers for sharing their invaluable knowledge and experiences that have been great source of inspirations to me!” Upon the completion of her degree, Ashwinder was a private tuition teacher while she looked for further opportunities to further her studies in an area of her interest. She also had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for three months in School of Dentistry, IMU. In addition, she worked with her final year supervisor to write a manuscript for publication. This has already been submitted and it is currently being reviewed by the reviewers.

“I am very grateful to be accepted for the PhD at University of Nottingham Malaysia with tuition fees waived. Coming from a middle income family and paying the tuition fees for PhD in an esteem private institution would be challenging. Therefore, obtaining a scholarship certainly helps to ease my family’s burden. The PhD is research-based and is about investigating and understanding the molecular mechanism of the role of interferon regulatory factors involved in the regulation of interleukins, in allergic asthma.”

In future, Ashwinder will look up for postdoctoral fellowships opportunities abroad and get herself prepared before venturing into the academia and be part of the scientific community.

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