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IMU MSc in Public Health Recognised by JPA

20 Oct 2014

The International Medical University Master of Science (MSc) in Public Health is now recognised by the Malaysian Public Service Department (JPA). With this recognition, healthcare professionals who are working in the public sector who want to advance in their careers in a related field can choose to study the IMU MSc in Public Health. Our graduates of this Masters degree can also apply to work in the public sector. The MSc in Public Health programme will provide students from a wide range of health and related professional backgrounds with the knowledge and skills in public health sciences and related disciplines. This knowledge will then make these students a more effective contributor in this field of healthcare. The programme is taught in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Kuala Lumpur City Council, non-governmental organisations and other public health related institutions. Teaching and learning methods vary in line with the objectives of the course and include didactic lectures, guided and independent group exercises, practicals, seminars, workshops and problem-based self-directed learning. Field visits with hands-on experience in observing the public health challenges that are currently faced by the community are an integral part of the course. E-learning approaches are used extensively and include web based courses, online simulation and virtual mentoring. At the successful completion of this course, students would possess an understanding of the science and art of Public Health including concepts of health and disease, and the factors that influence them. This acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude will enable students to practice their knowledge in a wide range of service and academic settings.

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