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IMU Foundation in Science Students Shows Creativity and Talent

19 Apr 2017

24 February 2017 – Who would have thought that 18 year-olds could have such great creativity, talent and a great mind for business? Well, this is certainly the case for the Foundation in Science, IMU students. The semester 3 students of the Foundation in Science were tasked to carry out a product demonstration for their English module. They were required to create a health / beauty / household product on their own. Besides that, they were also to create a company profile for themselves and develop business strategies to market their new product.

The English lecturers and visitors invited to the product demonstration held at Chancelor Hall of IMU were pleasantly surprised! Visitors were awed by an array of products, such as home-made aloe vera hand cream, bars of soap and home-made soya drink with aloe vera jelly, fruit infused water, hand-sewn arm pillow, flavoured butter, handheld vaccum using recycled materials and lots more. The students were generous in their product samples, and visitors had a grand opportunity to taste and try out their products. Some students were very skilled in giving hand massage in order to demonstrate the hand cream which they had designed.

All in all, the product demonstration was a great success. It is evident, that students’ entrepreneurship skills were honed, despite being in training to become future healthcare professionals.

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