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A Career as a Chiropractor: An IMU Alumna’s Journey

18 Apr 2017

When I graduated from my A-Levels in 2010, little did I know I will be treating patients 5 years later at the University that has taught me so much and shaped me to become who I am today. I remember the first time I passed by IMU, that place just intimidates me as I thought about how stressed it must be to study in a medical university. Upon completion of the pre-university course (A-Levels), I heard about the Chiropractic programme at IMU and urged my parents to go with me to find out more about the programme. I was fascinated by the concept that Chiropractic can help to treat and alleviate symptoms without the use of medication and surgery. I signed up for the degree and was determined to be a Chiropractor no matter what challenges I would have to face and how long it takes. IMG_2420 I chose to complete my education locally at IMU in four years while some of my batch mates chose to transfer to RMIT University in Australia. Most of us decided to stay locally as the fees were affordable and the University’s close proximity to home. I have great memories studying at IMU and would not forget my final year when we were given the chance to treat real patients as an intern in the IMU Chiropractic Clinic at several locations. This was a golden opportunity for us as we will be applying our knowledge gained in the classroom into real life context. I remembered hoping that my first patient did not have any pain with his shoulder, as I was not too confident in treating the shoulder. Imagine how stressful it was for me when the first patient I had actually came in with shoulder pain! This 10-month internship programme certainly gave us an eye-opening and excellent working experience. After graduation, I took the opportunity to apply for the Chiropractic Residency Programme at IMU and was really grateful that I was one of the few who was chosen for this programme. This is a programme which IMU started in 2015 to help its chiropractic graduates gain clinical experience with continued mentor guidance and support. HealthcareSwim As a Chiropractic Resident, I was also given many other opportunities and gained a lot of experience. There were many free public screenings and events to raise public awareness about Chiropractic care. Together with the Chiropractic faculty members, we worked with IMU CARES to help screen residents at the homes of its community partners and provide them with Chiropractic care as well. Apart from treating patients, I was also involved in marketing events with the Chiropractic faculty, which is a great chance for me to learn and develop managing and leadership skills. This article is written by IMU chiropractic alumna, Cheryl Ng Yan Yen. Comments from IMU Lecturers 

Knowing Cheryl has been pleasure. I applaud her confidence and motivation as a Chiropractor. As her mentor, it brings me great joy to watch her gracefully transition from an intern to a qualified Chiropractor. Again and again she has shown tremendous strength during her time as a student. This determination has driven her to be the successful practitioner she is today. She has shown potential in growing and I hope she will continue to flourish throughout her career and personal well-being.
 IMU lecturer and Mentor, Janice Chan
I have known Ng Yan Yen since 2011 February. She was an undergraduate student for Bachelor of Chiropractic (Hons) Programme. She was also my mentee at IMU. We are able to communicate well and she graduated in 2015. She continues to excel both in her studies and extracurricular activities nationally and internationally. During the World Spine Day Contest organised by World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) in October 2011, she and her friends pulled off an amazing feat by winning first prize. She started her professional career as a Chiropractic Intern at IMU Chiropractic Centre for nearly one year and continued as a Chiropractor up to now. She is actively participating in the Association of Chiropractic, Malaysia (ACM) since July. She is trying to promote the Chiropractic profession in Malaysia. Since I know her as a hard-working, reliable, pleasant and enterprising but disciplined student, I have no doubt whatsoever that he will excel in any academic endeavour she chooses to undertake.
 IMU lecturer, Dr Ni Ni Win


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