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IMU Hosts Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge Preparatory Workshop at its Bukit Jalil Campus

11 Jan 2018

Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge is a national level neuroscience test organised every year by Brain Bee@USM for Form 4/5 students. The winner represents the country in International Brain Bee Challenge. Last year, the Malaysian representative from a local school in KL won THIRD position in the International Challenge. In 2017, School of Medicine (SOM), IMU was given the task to organise the Zone J of this Challenge. On 9 December 2017, SOM with the support of Marketing Department IMU organised a preparatory workshop for registered candidates. A total of 6 schools and 29 participants attended the workshop in spite of the school holidays. Prof Ammu, Associate Dean, SOM opened the workshop. A/Prof Nilesh, Dr Sufyan, A/Prof Farida, Dr Htar Htar, Anupa, Dr Shadi, Dr Hussin and four Semester 5 students facilitated the workshop. The workshop covered neuroanatomy, neuron, action potential, neurotransmitters, development, plasticity, sense and perceptions, vision, hearing, movement, learning, memory, speech, sleep, stress, neudodegenerative disorders and childhood disorders​. It was well received by the students and teachers in preparation of Zonal test to be held in IMU on 16 January. Written feedback taken from teachers of the six schools who participated in the workshop showed that the students and teachers were satisfied with the content. According to them, the depth was just nice to understand the basics of complicated topics of neuroscience before they start preparing themselves with the recommended e-books from International Brain Bee Organization.

Written by A/Prof Nilesh Kumar, Coordinator Zone J (IMU), Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge

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