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IMU School of Pharmacy Students Shares University Experience

21 May 2021

It is common for people to say that university life will be some the best years of your life. Indeed, being a University student is an exciting time, and presents many challenges and opportunities as well.

IMU School of Pharmacy students shares their thoughts on this

AMANDA TAN, Pharmacy Student

IMU has provided a professional and engaging learning environment which has not only prepared us academically but also helped us adapt to the working environment in the healthcare industry. The modules covered in the pharmacy programme here are extensive and they cover all aspects that a student need to become a professional pharmacist. Moreover, IMU has provided me with opportunities to extend my skills outside the classroom which has enabled me to gain additional experience in the healthcare industry and connect with other healthcare experts.


The lecturers in IMU are by far one of the most prominent assets that students should utilise. Their strong work ethics and passion for knowledge has influenced many students to pursue their studies with just as much enthusiasm. During my time here, I have observed that the lecturers are always ready to help and ensure that our learning is complete, comprehensive and enjoyable. They are always ready to help students with their questions be it through email or one-on-one sessions which is an invaluable advantage.


In my opinion, the IMU undergraduate pharmacy curriculum is one of the most innovative in Malaysia. This curriculum emphasises on building students’ communication skill, critical thinking capacity, and patient-centred human care in a community-oriented way. My favourite learning sessions are the problem-based learning sessions. The educational staff have been very helpful, and they had contributed greatly to my life and study at IMU. I am able to grow professionally and generally be a better human being; this wouldn’t be possible without their support.

VILASHINI SARAVANAN, Bachelor of Pharmacy student

While my experiences as a BPharm (Hons) undergraduate in IMU have been diverse, research has unquestionably been the most important and rewarding component of my BPharm (Hons) degree programme. Committing myself to the world of scientific research in Semester 7 has inculcated an investigative mindset and a passion for the scientific process as well as appreciation for the results of pharmaceutical research. Research has proven to be a fantastic supplement to my undergraduate coursework, allowing me to strengthen my conceptual understanding of the material taught in my pharmaceutics classes. Participating in research and the consequent interactions with my peers and supervisors provided me with a toolbox of hard and soft skills that has paid dividends in my academic and professional relationships.

CHRISTOPHER, Pharmaceutical Chemistry student

Sometimes I wonder to myself, where did this interest in chemistry come from?

My journey all began in just another regular classroom with a chemistry teacher who not only knew how to make chemistry lessons fun but made them super easy to understand.

My experience while studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry has proved to be a fruitful and fulfilling journey that I embarked to follow the passion I knew deep down I had. The motivating factors that kept me going were definitely the irreplaceable companions I got such as my classmates as well as friends from other cohorts not to mention my lecturers who were nothing short of supportive.

One of the main highlights of my degree was being one of the student chairmen for the inaugural PC Week 2019. The objectives of organising an event of such a large scale was to mainly show that “Chemistry is an invaluable part of everyone’s life.” One of the biggest achievements was the construction of “The largest 3D Periodic Table made out of recyclable materials.” It was truly an astounding feat which couldn’t be accomplished without the help of everyone from all PC cohorts.

I am absolutely astounded by the amount of support the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department was providing to us students, the materials, guidance and spirit. The regular meetings which would stretch past dinnertime as well as the construction of the periodic table which would go past midnight for 3 consecutive days. Everything was worth the struggle. In addition, the materials that were provided to make the hands-on experience a success was also contributed by the Department and the lab, greatly easing our burden. Truly, without the help of the Department, this event could not have been a success.

Reflecting back to my undergraduate days, I am truly blessed that I went through everything that I did. I gained a lot of personal growth and I learnt that teamwork is vital towards achieving a common goal. Leadership is also a very important aspect that I managed to hone over the many months preparing for the event, coordinating with the various class representatives and lecturers while being the class representative of my own cohort. There’s a saying that goes, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin,” by Anthony Robbins and I couldn’t have agreed more with it and I have no regrets on taking on the role of student chair.

As for my goal right now, I am hoping to be able to land a job in any company as a chemist and build my experience and CV and that I will be able to continue my Masters and perhaps a PhD in a specific field that I am passionate about.

LEE ZIN CHEE, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus

Pharmaceutical chemistry in IMU covers essential learning objectives and the laboratory sessions that enable students to engage with the working environment. However, due to the pandemic, IMU had to quickly decided to convert classes online. Despite that, lecturers are always putting a lot of effort in creating interactive sessions for the students to look forward to the subject.

During the Recovery Movement Control Order period, students were allowed to return to campus for practical sessions, while making sure that the necessary safety precautions are taken. Yet, in my case, it was unfortunate that I have to miss my practical sessions due to quarantine. Through those difficult times, some lecturers kept in touch with me and helped me catch up with the practical sessions that I have missed.

Furthermore, even though field visits were cancelled, they were replaced with career talks from our alumni. From this, we get the opportunity to ask some questions and build a connection which is beneficial for our internship.

MOHD FAIZ, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student

During my 3 years studying in IMU, the journey has its ups and downs especially being an international student with language barrier and culture differences being the major obstacle. Despite the obstacle, I am truly thankful for the existence of the mentor-mentee system that has helped to make the obstacles became more manageable, mainly due to the kind and full of patience support from my mentor. Other than my mentor, praise should be given towards the other lecturers and IMU staff involved. I would not be able to reach this far in life without their continuous support.

As for the learning experience in IMU, I would really love to brag about the system where although we are majoring in pharmaceutical chemistry, we are also exposed to other aspects and areas of chemistry relevant to the industries such as environmental, cosmetics, business, food and beverages too. Also, the university put a lot of effort for us to gain as much knowledge and experiences as we can which are not only limited in the lecture halls and laboratories. IMU had prepared field trips to various industries in Malaysia such as the pharmaceutical industry, cosmeceutical industry and F&B industry.

Other than that, IMU also prepared industrial talks where highly experience and passionate professionals enlightened us on their respective careers. During my final year, we were given the chance to do our final year project where I was given the opportunity to conduct a project titled ‘Schiff Base Complexes/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity’. From the project, it gave me the opportunity to improve on my critical thinking skills and further broaden my knowledge on chemistry. While conducting the project, I was lucky enough to be patiently and kindly guided by my supervisor, Dr Low May Lee along with my two co-supervisors, Dr Chin Swee Yee and Dr Liew Yun Khoon.

Furthermore, we had to undergo industrial training on our final year, where I was given the chance to become a research assistant in Prince of Songkla University, Thailand to work on a project titled ‘Synthesis, Characterisation and Recrystallisation of Sodium Deoxycholate Sulfate’. If I have the chance, I would love to re-do the industrial training again. On the whole, IMU for me is an unforgettable time in my life, I managed to come this far with the help of the university and the people in it too.

LEONG HER LI, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student

Most of you might experience family pressure, and most importantly financial problem when choosing the right degree course. I am no exception as my family can’t afford the tuition fees of the degree course. When I was about to give up, IMU awarded me a scholarship of Pharmaceutical Chemistry course. It was a turning point in my life as I can continue to pursue my dream as a chemist.

During the three years of life in IMU, I had great exposure to many instruments and equipment in the lab during the practical sessions. With the guidance of experienced lecturers, I had mastered the knowledge related to the pharmaceutical chemistry field. Besides, with the help of the University, I had managed to obtain a 4-month internship in Prince of Songkla University, Thailand to further improve my research and laboratory skills.

As a member of the scholar committee, I have developed many useful and transferable soft skills by joining and organising different kind of events. I was the co-organiser of TEDxIMU 2019 and this role had significantly increased my leadership skill in organising a successful event. Besides, I was also actively involved in the events organised by the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme and one of the most meaningful events was the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week 2019. With the collaboration between the lecturers and the students, we managed to build the largest 3D Periodic Table in Malaysia and we had marked a record in The Malaysia Book of Records.

With the laboratory skills and soft skills that I had gained in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme, I am confident that I can leverage all these skills in my future career. My goal upon graduation is to work in the pharmaceutical chemistry industry and excel in this field.

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