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Informative Training for Caregivers of the Elderly

06 Apr 2022

On 27 February 2022, a workshop on ‘Intensive Caregiver Training for Elderly Care’ were conducted at the IMU’s main campus in Bukit Jalil. The main attendees of this workshop were 30 participants from Allied Healthcare Caregivers Centre (AHCC), who have been working in a relevant field. IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL) collaborated with AHCC to offer this training to AHCC staff and freelancers as part of their human capital development initiative.

The intention of this workshop is to deliver specific skills for experienced caregivers in the areas of:
• Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (PEG) Feeding
• Nasogastric Tube (NGT) Feeding
• Oral Suctioning and Oropharyngeal Suction
• Tracheostomy Suctioning
• Wound Care
• Colostomy Care
• Management of Oxygen Care

The skills above are part of the caregiver’s requirement when working with home patients, where many of them handles end of life or terminally ill clients. This workshop was delivered by Clinical Skills and Stimulation Centre (CSSC)’s experienced staff from both IMU Bukit Jalil and Seremban campuses. The total experience and skills delivered by the CSSC team made the workshop experience worthwhile for the participants. Overall, the participants were appreciative and happy with the learning experience, including all logistics arrangement to ensure their safety and comfort. AHCC is looking forward to the next session for their junior caregivers to be trained, which will be planned in the second quarter of 2022.

Participant’s Feedback
Divina Gutierrez Matias Very organised and professional
Fe Jovellanos Abud Good job and also the staff are all professional
Catherine Galecia The workshop is well delivered,  productive.
Joan Gabayeron The workshop is very good and has provided more knowledge.
Md Mainuddin Very good
Mardina bt Abd Kuohi Salleh I really learn a lot from this workshop training. Gives me more knowledge..
Magdalena Echague Lumague I am contented and happy with the flow of the training
Gerlyn Jayco Excellent
Femie Buna Yabut Excellent
Analyn Busante I learn a lot
Aduana Asaga Excellent and ambience is great.
Arra Krisna Que Tormis The training workshop is very much helpful and an added knowleged skills to us. Very impressive facilities and superb staff service. More likely to recommend. Keep it up!
Myrna Jacoba Corpuz Great training.
Apurva Rameshchandra Parekh It was very informative and knowledgeable. Excellent flow with complete topic coverage
Gina Daza velilla Excellent
Jenny Aristosa I’ve learned a lot
Dollie Salvatiera Bedar Excellent and more
Rebecca Peralta Sagampod Excellent
Brenda Wakiyen Arsi Excellent
Armilati Very good, helpful, friendly.
Rosita Garcia Magnanao Excellent ambiance
Jenalyn Damian Mangahas Good Topic. Excellent
Sorayda Sabtalin Osamad Great Job
Noorhayam Binti Banin This workshop training – I really get more experience and more knowledge. Very exciting, thanks to IMU training.
Leticia   Marcos Excellent

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