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From a Medical Biotechnology Degree to Successful Careers in Regulatory Affairs and Insurance

29 Apr 2015

As a University which started 23 years ago, the International Medical University (IMU) has many students who have gone on to lead successful lives in their careers and in the community. There are many stories to share and two of our medical biotechnology alumni shares with us their journey from their undergraduate degree to a successful career. One of our alumni, Ling Zhi Ni, is currently employed by a US MNC Pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), as a regulatory affairs administrator. Zhi Ni & coursemate -convocation “Regulatory affairs plays as a principal contact of Health Authorities, responsible for preparing, submitting and supporting product registration application for timely approvals in compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements. For instance, manage package components and labelling text to ensure company product is compliance with local registered requirement and corporate prescribing information.”

“3 years of study in IMU brought me incredibly immersing student life. The integration of these experiences gain me opportunity to pursue a variety of interest and become motivation in my long term goal. After joining the course, I could not run away from all kind of exam/assignment stress. However, motivation from fellow students, lecturers and club activities gradually build up my positive attitude towards my goal, IMU provides an environment to enhance and embrace my interest as well.”

Lim Zhi Ni & Ng Syun -coursemates and lecturers after field trip Another alumnus, Ng Syun Yun, is working at Asia Assistant Network. As third party insurer, she processes admissions and invoices from hospitals. “In order to do this, I require knowledge in the field of biology. This job does not require an in depth knowledge in biotechnology.” Nyun with lecturer However, Syun Yun decided long ago, to study medical biotechnology as she has plans to embark on future careers in the healthcare sector.

“Syllabuses for the medical biotechnology programme are updated and detailed. I like that there was so much to learn from medical biotechnology, biochemistry, physics, plant biotechnology, pathology, algae, microbiology, cancer and how we can use all this information in biotechnology. The practical sessions are also very hands on and the labs are big. We get to do the experiments ourselves and see our results and also handle (somewhat) expensive equipment. I also like the written assignments and projects.”

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